Do people think they're worthless? Tune in, the answer might shock you

I found many people who think they’re so ■■■■■■ up and get lost in they’re self assigned worthlessness. I’m talking about people. All of them.

Finding out how much you are worthy of is amazing. Letting go of the past is the biggest achievement, not just in the mainstream way but really letting go, Of old habits and thinking patterns.

Reminder : I’m here for a short time and enjoying my life is different then ruining my health or future.


One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned to to simply be kind to yourself @Crocodal.


A good one.


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I think the reason a lot of people feel worthless is because society makes us think you have to have worth and be useful in order to have a right to live, be happy, be loved.
We’ve been brainwashed into thinking the only way we’ll matter is if we serve a function for other people.

I’ve met people who, on paper, made no contributions of any kind to society, but still were kinder and wiser than people who did.

What matters isn’t how much money we can make or how far we can walk, or how fast we can read.
What matters is the kindess and compassion we show others.


I generally don’t think about self worth much now, I do kind of feel a bit worthless on dating sites sometimes, but most of the time i don’t think about myself, i just try and please my God & this makes me feel worthwhile.

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