Do people pretend to have SZ?

My mom has a friend that has ever terrible disease ever known to man. She is constantly talking about her illnesses; she likes the attention. When my mom told her about my SZ diagnosis (which I wish she wouldn’t have), she says, “Yeah, I have that too.” Are you kidding me?

She doesn’t have it. I know that she doesn’t have it, because she would have been bragging about it before she found out my diagnosis. Now she is telling people she has it and is trying to compare notes with me. It’s totally insulting to me.

Has this ever happened to others?

I’d leave her alone, she sounds like a dum broad


Ive known people who are the “any attention is good attention” type. But never faked sz. I find sz one of those things not even the attention seekers will touch. Cause once those fakers fake crazy, people will think their crazy and then they have to uphold that forever or they will look like a douche. And the one thing i know about fakers is they are lazy


Still thats pretty messed up that someone would do that. I would avoid her

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I feel the exact same way.

Why would you want to pretend to have a disorder that has so much stigma associated with it. I hate telling people I have it. I avoid it at all costs. The only time I talk about it is here or to my psychiatrist or therapist. It’s one of the reasons I’m glad I found this forum, it allows me to talk to people with similar issues and not worry about blow back.


Me too. I don’t even talk to my parents about it even though they know. Keep it with my therapist and this forum is my philosophy. Though idk what ill do if i ever get a girlfriend


Exactly what I was thinking.

I still think that my current pdoc gave me the bipolar diagnosis instead of the schizoaffective diagnosis so that I might be able to avoid some of the stigma associated with a schizophrenia label.

Makes me wonder sometimes.


I’ve never met anyone who faked it, but I’m sure it happens, especially on the Internet. On /r/schizophrenia there are some people who come on and insist that they have schizophrenia even though they’ve self-diagnosed and have none of the symptoms. Somewhat unrelated, but when I first was diagnosed, I thought that I had caused my illness and that I must have unintentionally created my symptoms.


I don’t think schizophrenia has the same level of stigma attached to it here. I talk about it pretty freely with people and tell them my diagnosis if they ask. IDK if people fake it but I feel like a fake sometimes. Have to remind myself that everyone is different and we don’t all get the same symptoms. My positive symptoms aren’t as bad as they are for most others with a sz diagnosis. But I struggle a lot too.

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I think WHEN you get a girlfriend, you’ll have to tell her.

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I agree, I don’t feel any judgement on this forum; which is sooooo nice.

I meant here as in Northern Europe but it’s really nice being here on this forum too! :smile:

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Thank u i liked that comment, made my day :slight_smile:

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That’s weird to say the least… Does she know the symptoms? She fakes them? Takes meds? Goes to a psychiatrist?

Weird really… Sounds like you should stay away from such a person.

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People can pretend to have anything. We had a friend growing up that pretended he had cancer and also pretended he was going to treatments. even disappeared from the group for a while pretending he was sick. In hindsight i guess he was actually sick… but not with cancer

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No, she doesn’t know any of the symptoms and I am unaware of any psychiatrist she goes to. She does take Wellbutrin, but as you probably know, that isn’t a medication usually prescribed specifically for SZ; at least not that I’m aware of. I don’t like to question someone’s disorder, but in her case it’s nonsense. It infuriates me because mental illness has destroyed my life and for someone to use it as a way to get attention is just wrong. She is simply making a mockery of the disorder.

Yeah I get that, she just wants for people to feel sorry for her right? Maybe that’s a way. I feel sorry for her, tell her that a person in Portugal feels sorry for her lol Sorry, I’m just kidding here.

I don’t know, faking sz is just plain stupid


In my experience no one feels sorry if you have mental illness. They want nothing to do with you and stigmatize you. I see the homeless in the city and say there but for the grace of God go I. How can we solve all these problems in the world?

I have to only thank God for all the help he has given me after the devil cursed me with sz and MS. God made a miracle and cured me of MS. I dare not ask for another miracle only that I do it one day at a time.

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In my experience people felt sorry for me. I didn’t like it either.

Different things I guess.

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i pretend to have sz all the time…then mrs. sith reminds me i actually have sz !?! :flushed:
then i put my mad hatter hat on :tophat:…get in my spaceship :rocket: …and fly away !?! :sunrise_over_mountains:
take care :alien: