Do people ever stare/laugh at you?

It is really annoying me how some people just stare at me outside and make it obvious that they are talking/laughing at me. Today me and my boyfriend were on the bus and a girl and a boy kept staring at me and laughing with each other and whispering.

What is wrong with me? Am I a zoo animal or a human being? No one else on the bus was staring at me so what was their problem?

I even stared her in the eyes and they continued. It makes me paranoid not knowing what they were finding so amusing. Am I ugly as ■■■■? Was my outfit horrible? Do they think me and my boyfriend look odd together? Well no one else was staring at me.

I may as well be a hermit ffs why are people so judgemental? What is even wrong with me say it to my face ffs.


You don’t have to assume there is something wrong with you. Maybe those people knew someone who looks just like you and were simply amazed by the resemblance.


I have this too sometimes … a thought crossed my mind … that this probably stems from some inner issue you didn’t address … correct?

I think it stems from flight or fight. She’s doing the flight. It’s a natural human instinct for many to think this way. You gotta retrain your brain through therapy and realization to understand it’s either your insecurity, or their issue. Yep gotta correct it. But I believe back 5000 years ago before very organized religion, therapy and enlightenment. Everyone was this insecure. Now us humans know more and know what we gotta do more. Enlightened thinkers of the past have taught us it’s not about ourselves as much as others. But no one was born enlightened. It came with time and luck for those. Ughh I don’t know what the f I’m talking about lol

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I am quite insecure but I don’t usually have people staring and laughing and talking about me on the bus. It is annoying sitting on the same vehicle as people like that. They probs do have issues but it annoys me that they felt like taking it out on me. My boyfriend was oblivious to it bless him although he was sat right next to them lmao. And no I wasn’t hallucinating my boyfriend is just ditsy sometimes lol.

Ugghhhh who do they think they are :rage:

My inner issues come from people like them who shun people like me so I become an outcast in society.

Hmmm maybe. I would feel better if I knew it was just something like that. I didn’t know them at all though and they didn’t speak to me, just sat smirking and staring like babyish twa*s.

Your boyfriend didn’t notice, and they were just a couple of kids. Children giggle at all kinds of situations. It probably had nothing to do with you at all.

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Hey, I sometimes see people talking and laughing at me, most of the time these hallucinations, I checked.
maybe you too

I’m guessing it might be your sz or sza. Just a hunch.


You probably couldn’t do this on the bus, but you might try turning your back on someone who is staring at you, if you feel comfortable doing that. It’s rude to stare.

When I go out its quite common for people to laugh at me or give me weird looks and talk about me. It’s one of the reasons why I hardly ever go out

That has been happening again lately, to me also. I should probably mention that to my therapist on Friday. Maybe my new medicine increase will help me figure this out.

I got it too. People stare at me. But i just look down. Today there was a guy thinking i stare at him
but i looked only in that direction as i can;t see very good.He went nuts a screamed at. He was like 20 m away. I had headphones on and couldn;t understand him. I should react like this next time when its done to me. I always keep quiet because i know they might have mental problems.


You’ll never find universal acceptance.

Who knows… those girls might have been jealous you were with someone and were just trying to pretend to be better than you… They targeted you because they were egotistically threatening.

It goes up, down, all around… it goes up, down, all around… that ■■■■ never stops no matter how far away from it you think you’ve gotten… or no matter how grown up some of the people in your life can seem.

A lot of people are just acting the way they know they’re supposed to even though they are masking an inner character that is far less appropriate.

It’s important to not disregard the opposite position. You have your own tendency to group people and look down on them… and I don’t blame you. I have that tendency… I despise people who sit there and make others uncomfortable just to muscle for rank and to feel their own influence. However if I am hanging with someone who prefers me and my vibe in life… it’s inescapable for me to become my worst enemy and I’ll find myself behaving as they… or at least enjoying that my friends are doing so.

Competition in day to day social life is down played as a real factor to be concerned with… my parents, siblings, friends… they all tell me to get over it if I point it out… and that’s just as annoying.

Social competition is real… human immaturity is very real… it’s important however to not be frustrated in the face of it. Don’t be above it, certainly don’t let yourself wind up under it… the best goal is to acknowledge it exists and try your best to remain outside of it.

There are more enlightened individuals on the Earth these days than ever before… but in proportion to the immature they are vastly outnumbered. Gotta just let people be who they are and be more willing to just let them fall off the “shelf” of people you actually want to respect.

You will find people you can count on… but I never would until you truly know who they are… if they pass then maybe allow some trust that they won’t dissapoint.


Sometimes I stare back, and make my eyes big and nod. That gets them to stop sometimes. Smile too. Only can do it if I’m not scared at the moment. When I’m scared I just look down a lot and try to hope I can go home soon.

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I just blame the illness every single time so therefore every time I think someone’s thinking or whatever about me, I have the excuse in my head that it’s my illness thinking. I guess I’ve convinced myself I’m crazy and it works in this defense


sometimes I think they know… lol


That’s when you learn to not give a ■■■■

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People without schizophrenia make eye contact a lot more than i’d like. It is what it is, I don’t understand how they think.

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