Do meds change your voices or get rid of them?

It’s weird, with my meds I can still feel when my voices are trying to contact me, but they come off as very garbled and muffled and I typically can’t make out what they’re saying aside from a word here or there. The exception is if I am in a half asleep state or if I am asleep. In these cases they come through clearly. (Which is weird and I don’t quite understand why)

But overall on meds I experience them far less than I do off.


I just don’t pay attention to voices while on meds, I focus on reality more. But occasionally I get slightly paranoid and hallucinate lights and noises. I also try to talk to and visualise telepathically my friends with fear as if they are harming me. I learned to ignore these things. Risperdal 4mg is my best ap, I had more positive symptoms on all other ap I have tried.

If these things were really bothering me I would have switched to Clozapine. I like that I have that option.

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I know someone who used to hear them clearly but on meds they hear them really strangely like can’t make out what is said.

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Doesn’t change mine or get rid of them. I take the medication keep my family comfortable. I’ve learned when to talk to the voices and when not to.

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I still have some pretty loud and obnoxious voices even on meds.

I don’t want to go to a higher dose so I kind of play it down when I go to the doctor.

The meds have helped me not to obsess over them and interact with them.

That was a big step.

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The meds don’t change my voices - they only lessen them so I get them less often. Alien says the same things to me on meds than off, but less often.

It’s gotten rid of them for the most part, they still pop up ever so often

No, it doesnt change positive or negatives. The one im on just has low side effects so far, but basicallly does nothing. If the ones deciding like to waste tax dolllars thats up to them.

You don’t seem to have positive symptoms, no delusions or hallucinations. Why were you prescribed meds then?

Ive had that stuff and am on disability. Id rather have alternate therapy though. It would save tax dollars.

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