Do I need to stop this car ?!?

We’re sure seeing a lot of flags coming out of this new forum. A LOT of flags. Please keep it civil and supportive folks. Don’t want to hand out any more suspensions this weekend.

(Wearing moderator kilt)

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I don’t reply in threads that go past around the 30 mark…

But I can imagine what threads you are probably referring to. In 7 months, I’ve only thrown one Flag, though…I don’t like being a tattle tale I guess.

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A lot of flags coming out the the lounge section?

All my posts thus foreward will be recovery based/orientated. Promise.

Sorry, Pixel, what did I do wrong?

No ser don’t stop the car but some people shouldnt be talking some stuff that they do.

My threads don’t get flags, which is shocking to me :speak_no_evil:


Ya I’ve never gotten a flag, but somehow I feel I’m being singled out by this thread. It’s okay though. Not need to flag me, I got the message.

I can’t see any reason why you would think this is directed at you. It’s a lounge, and you post within the guidelines. I’m pretty sure the threads Pixel means are not yours. :kissing_cat:

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How do you know if you’ve gotten a flag?

Totally not you!


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You get a private message :love_letter:.

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