Do I need to be honest or smartly honest?

I am diagnosed with schizophrenia.Many of my friends know that I have SZ,some thought I have depression or anxiety as I met my friends from groups where people have depression or anxiety.

I am really thankful to meet these friends but recently I also met people who don’t have any mental illness.There is a girl who I met online and dated her twice,the last date went well and I believe we will have another date soon.I want to know if she ever becomes my close friend/Girlfriend,should I be Honest to her about my diagnosis or should I be a little smarter and just say I suffer from depression/Social Anxiety?

To me schizophrenia and other form of Mental illness might be different but their symptoms also overlap between different form of mental illness.Very few people on street can really tell the difference I bet

Thanks for reading and have a nice day people!


Well, strategically, your best bet is not to tell her. But once she sees your antipsychotic pill bottles, she’ll know unless she’s stupid. I also think it’s immoral to have kids or get married and not tell the other partner.


Thanks for suggestion,will keep in mind : )

become friends first…then go from there.
once she knows you…then ’ yes ’ tell her.
i am honest about everything…but i pick my moment…well sometimes…well actually i blurt stuff out which people find ’ too honest ’ !?!..but hey i am sz !?!.. :grinning:
take care :alien: