Do I have to wait two weeks before abilify begins to work?

I was on olanzapine 7.5 mg, it worked for my depression but gave me painful attacks of intrusive thoughts.
Today i switched to 10 mg abilify, and I read an old post from the forum, that said i had to wait two weeks for the full effect?

Is that true?

I hope not. I’m drinking to much alcohol and really want to stop, but it’s difficult because I lack the effect of an AP - but without attacks of intrusive thoughts.

Probably looking at 4-6 weeks for the full effect, but pdoc 's have told me in the past that you can get benefits sooner.

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Damn… Olanzapine works really fast, but i can’t tolerate the attacks of intrusive thoughts.

I have to be patient.

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Maybe you could ask for some PRN to help?

I have had Haldol 5mg or 25-50mg Nozinan to take the edge off if there are problems.


Yeah, i have got oxazepam, but it’s to weak, it makes no difference, even when i mix it with a small amount of codeine (sold over the counter in Denmark)… I will ask for another.

I recommend Nozinan, but it does sedate a lot.

If I take it before bed, in the morning it takes over an hour to come too.


Abilify takes 2 weeks to reach a steady state in your body. It may take even longer to see an effect.

Keep with it.


Thanks, i will consider to ask for it or maybe a low dose, 2,5 mg of olanzapine, with my abilify. 2.5 mg olanzapine don’t give me attacks of intrusive thoughts.