Do I have Delusional Disorder Instead of Schizo-Affective Disorder?

I’ve heard of Delusional disorder several years ago by googling crap. I thought it was possible I had it a long time ago but never gave it much thought. I know some other high functioning members here have it. I’m technically diagnosed with schizoaffective bipolar type. I’m not sure I agree because I think the supplements I’ve taken and Vraylar have made me stronger, better, and higher functioning. I never had mania and my mom said I don’t have hypo-mania. i’m just doing better since I started group and stopped watching YouTube so much.

Anyways, my mom showed me WebMD and the delusional disorder page. I was surprised. While I was told by my doctor I had bizarre beliefs, maybe she was wrong. The WebMD page said delusional disorder people have non-bizarre delusions, can act normally socially, and usually can function, and is more common in women than men.

Well, one example on WebMD page said people with delusional disorder can have delusions like being cloned by aliens. I have had that delusion…it sounds bizarre to me. (edit: this is wrong…my mom read it wrong.)

My problem is I’m so consumed with my delusions it disables me. I live in my head. WebMD said this is possible for people with delusional disorder and that those afflicted and are obsessed with their delusions might be disabled and low functioning.

I can act normally in social situations. I rarely tell my best friend anything because I don’t want to scare him or him judging me or not wanting to be friends. We usually just talk about my life and his work and his life.

I thought I would create this thread because my mom said delusional disorder sounded like me. I have never hallucinated or heard voices, except when falling asleep. That;s pretty common I heard and a lot of normal people have that.


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Sounds like a great question to ask a doctor. Never healthy to get DXed by strangers on the Net, especially mentally-ill ones.


Self diagnosis only hurts you. You can’t be objective about your own symptoms. This goes double for psychotic disorders, as most of the time, we don’t know some thought processes are delusional until someone tells us, and even then, we’re unlikely to believe them. So I say just tell your pdoc everything that’s going on and let them handle the disgnosis. Get a second opinion if you must, but we’re not diagnosticians and neither is WebMD.

If you only have had delusions maybe so is the case but it’s probably better to ask your Dr about that and since you already have a diagnosis it is unusual for them to change diagnosis I think?

You could ask another Dr aswell.

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