Wild granny up

I slept with my ex the first night we met and then slept together 3more times with him messaging me twice to spend the night and asking me to come over. He said i looked into his windows and pushed himself off on me to cousin while anot my granny said i wasn’t wild for sleeping with him when i asked. And she said no then i asked if wild for sleeping with someone with no relationship and said yes like u did with that guy sleeping with him one time and looking into his windows.her girl wa . I also showed her messages of think i just seen u that he has been sending me if I stalked him Me didn’t date him an pushed myself off on him sleeping with him one time why is he sending me meßsages still? Do u think my granny believed me. She claims his neighbor described me to a t looking into his windows.s in the back bedroom…we ended by him saying not to come over to my cousin, granny is the one said I said all this stuff about looking into the windws. I just know he called me a stalked cus I called him too much .ousin who he is friends with along with the girl who was supposly in the back bedroom at the time. I told granny ain’t it funny they said I looked in his windows but no pictures but said neighbor described me to a t looking into windows. My cousin said noone judging me for past and not to mention it no one thinks I’m a hoe.my family pretty much agrees if what I’m saying is true it’s a relationship

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