Do glasses suite me!

These are my support staffs glasses, do you think they suite me, I’m thinking about getting some with just plain lenses because I think they suite me?


Why would you wear glasses if you don’t need glasses?
I mean, they do kind of suit you, but there’s not reason to make things harder for yourself if you don’t need to.


those compliment your face well.

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They suit you. :slight_smile: I have similar glasses too…

I think with your face shape glasses a little more on the rectagular side will suit you too…


I’m agree with @anon80629714, a bit more rectangular than this suits you the better, glasses are nice to protect eyes while being kept clean,


Bob sup my man…!!! What are u doing man…???

Squared frames would suit you very well. I really like glasses. I want to wear oversized circle glasses with a very thin frame. But alas I have a face shape that also suits squared. No complaints though. I like my face :slight_smile:


Yes they suit you.

I need glasses and hardly wear them in the house.
I do however wear them when outside of my home.

You look better without glasses @bobbilly

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I think the glasses add definition to your face, definitely. They do suit you. However, since your face is rounded, you should go for either rectangular or square shaped frames. I think that would suit you better. I like the dark color frames, yes.

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Do these suite me betree!


The second pair suit you even more than the first!

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These are nice :slight_smile: More rectangular and they suit your face better,…

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