Yeah or nah?

I have to get glasses, these are my favorite but it’s 200, so I’m making sure they look ok


I love them! I have black frames too. :slight_smile:


Yeah, they look fine. They fit your face.


oh I like dark frames on women…good choice.



You have lovely dark features,hair and eyebrows. Perhaps try a softer color of frames to offset the look? Maybe a light brown shade?

Okay, I’m just a dude.


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Okay, I just asked my 17 year old fashionista daughter her opinion.

She says the frames really suit your face, but suggests trying a brown frame as well. Can you try on a brown pair of frames so we can all compare?

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Lol, these ones were 60% off so they were the best ones I could find for the right price :smirk:


I might do some shopping online next time I get a pair of glasses. I don’t know how that works without trying them on.

They look good on you.

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gosh, @Patrick can’t you just say something nice ?

I said she had lovely dark features and suggested a softer tone might accentuate her look.

And how exactly is this a bad thing??

sorry @Patrick I just thought you should have just said, “yes, it looks great,” you picked it apart and it bugged me…my bad.

The Header is ‘Yeah or nah?’

I thought she was looking for an honest opinion which I gave to her. I didn’t say ‘nah’ as I really like the frames…just suggested a different color.

Black glasses can make you appear too sharp, while grey glasses can wash you out a bit. It’s why I thought she could try a brown pair on just to compare.

My intentions were good.

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Anyhoo, here’s me today in brown frame glasses…so you can all critique my look. :wink:



You can order very affordable frames from Amazon…like 20-30 bucks. Have you considered this?

I have not, but this prescription lens is like normally $200 at least everywhere I called that’s what they said

I think what makes glasses expensive is the brand like Gucci, MK, etc

Before I did Lasik I ordered my glasses online, they were 2 for 70$ with all options like water repellant, uv filter, blue light filter, antiscratch, etc

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That’s cool I’m not big online order fan, I tend to avoid those but the plan I got at the eyeglass place is like the best out of all the eyeglass places, I called at least five or six places


I think the glasses suit you perfectly OP