Do girls like men who use hair product?

I don’t use any hair product like gel besides shampoo and a comb. Its not that im lazy or against it, but using hair product has never really worked. I can never find a style that looks attractive and i feel self conscious when i see other dudes use it and make it look good. Like ive said ive tried it but it makes me look weird. Do i need to use hair product to have any chance with the ladies? Cause 95% of the guys i see at college use it.

I don’t!



My general rule is if a guy puts more effort into his appearance than I do, there’s a problem lol I don’t use any hair products besides shampoo and conditioner so I don’t see a need for guys to use anything more

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Depends on your haircut i guess. You could do something that uses a gel. Honestly men’s hair is kinda attractive without gel so girl can run their fingers through :upside_down_face:

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im using hair product since i was 12 im 33 now

the way i see it (yes, I’m female, lol) it may matter in some sense whether you put hair product in your hair or not… if you are looking to get yourself a date.

on the other hand, though, you may need to watch out for certain aspects such as if she is the girl for you… and though this may take some time, anyway… isn’t it better to be able to catch her (the girl of your dreams) attention so you have a chance, before you can get into anything with her?
also, it helps a lot in my opinion if it is more your style, than if it is hers…
choices, choices…
there are quite a few things to consider when trying to figure out the best options…
I’ve been using the order of the western astrological signs, lately:

  1. who am i?
  2. what is my worth?
  3. ect…
    and you can make it pretty quick, you don’t need to exhaust anyone or thing…
    you could look up some inspirations for what to do… such as anything else you enjoy doing besides trying hairstyles, Pinterest, … do your inspirational research in as many ways as you can think of…
    or you could go out and try those hairstyles out…
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I’m sure there are some…

It’s kind of a sign of being composed and thought out… which might translate to responsible and capable for some…

And while for the most part gender standards are still imposed and upheld… but there are hair products for men… then there are men who use women’s hair products…

I mean if you want to throw in some gel and spritz on some cologne… less is more… that’s totally normal… whether the women like it or not (some will)… do what makes you happy man

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So ur saying it doesn’t matter really as long as its my style and i rock it?

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not exactly… I’m saying that if it is a part of you, to do that, and all of you agrees than why not put product in your hair? despite the rhetorical question, though i find it is hard for me to get around to putting product in my hair, even for my colors, and even when I’ve already decided in my mind that it’s something i want to be able to do… i don’t… which to me is a tad “insane” minded… “insane” in this case is similar to that of Albert Einstein’s quote “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”… i’m thinking another of his quotes “imagination is more important than knowledge” might be a bit more applicable here… seeing as in my own opinion, currently, i think it is better to use the imagination on your “reality”, than it is to come up with ways to change your imagination based on others opinions first, before considering what it is that lies in your own potential to do… and how you can think of things… in a way it should perhaps be a constant give an take of viewpoints… but first try deciding for yourself from every angle that you can… and than ask others to do the same before considering you…
i apologize if i seem to be making a big deal out of this… I’m not actually, I’m trying to explain…

probably a much shorter answer would be, whatever you do, however you think, whatever you say, can and therefor should be somehow about your potential and your growth towards it as well as helping others with their own, in your own unique ways…
in other words, bilateral; affecting both sides… in good ways.
just because it sounds hard, doesn’t always mean that it is…

you could make a two sided list: on one side put what you think your own potential is, overall, at the top… and your opinion of your dream girls (does not have to be real; can be the kind of person you want to attract) overall potential on the other side, than make a list underneath each as many things as you can think of at the time, and please enjoy yourself with this, of things you can do to help both of you… am i confusing you yet?.. and you can try to apply what you can to your hair… for example:
my belief is that what i want and others want in common is (insert compromise or common decision, here), therefor i will (insert hair related actions here) my hair, so that i can get: (insert your girl goal here).
does this last part fit what you are saying? the bigger spaced paragraphs above in my opinion explain a bit better what i am trying to say, but may not answer your question…

let me put it this way, i tend to like the look of guys with longish hair, so of course they may need to have some sort of regimen to deal with it, but than again, I’m a bit weird… therefor i could say that everyone has there own individual preferences, wants, and needs… although in just about any case health can be a matter in relationships and so can attraction… there are a great many other factors, but if you can’t decide whether to do this or not, yourself, perhaps try clarifying some things for yourself…

which process are you going through right now… what have you been wondering besides this… i may be reading a bit too much in between the lines, but I’m still wondering what your focus is lately that brought you to this question… ? are you pondering your ability to merge opposites?
wow, this may be way too long to read… lol

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Actually I believe before the advent of commercially produced hair products no one actually ever got laid.

True story.

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what about before marriage existed? …

Idk I’m kind of self conscious about how i look. I never think anything looks right, the way i dress or present my hair etc. i see all these guys who have product in there hair and they seem to be doing well socially. I have nothing against it, it just isn’t my style and sometimes i wish it was because im always thinking theres that one thing im not doing that makes people not attracted to me. People have said im handsome and funny but i just see how i can never get my hair to work, or my left eye is a little off from a lacrosse ball hitting my eye or that i don’t make enough jokes or aren’t charming or something. There has to be a specific issue with why im so isolated and alone all the time, thats how my brain works. Unless its just im a human repellant and no one likes me just because im me.

It always seemed to me that women like a guy’s hair combed back a lot better than combed to the side. When I get a hair cut by a woman she always combs my hair back, though it is trained to go to the side. I’d have to buy hair gel and retrain my hair in order to get it to go back. Also, I am substantially more bald on one side of my head than the other, but I guess it looks okay combed back. I just can’t afford hair gel.

girls like men who are kind… :heart:
not how much hair product they are using :scream:
be yourself…not a commercialized piece of eye candy :candy: !?! :grimacing:
take care :alien:


Im not at that stage in life yet. College is like a kinder more “open minded” continuation of high school so the commercialized eye candy is all the rage. I actually heard a guy say “girls only want douche bags.” Not saying thats true but in my age of world of men thats what im dealing with or competition in my youth life. However for some reason women in their late 20s early 30s seem to enjoy my company. Maybe i just need to give myself some more time for everyone to grow up a little.

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In the US I think hair product for men went out with the 1950’s.

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Girls using hair product is okay. Girls having so much pubic hair that they need to braid it is, uh, awkward.


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when you look at a horizon…your eyes can be drawn to a specific point…
but it is always best to conceive the whole horizon.
there are many men in this earth world…
sporty types
intellectual men
sensitive types
hippie types
great thinkers
in my experience…yes you have to find yourself…
but do not degrade or dismiss your true self through some odd peer pressure to conform to a norm.
remember you are unique
there is no one else like you.
take care :alien:

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