Do everyone experienced delusion?


Are there people with SZ that never had delusion but were diagnosed as schizophrenia, since you need to have 2 of 4 symptoms to be schizo.


It’s possible. I’ve experienced both hallucinations and delusions. You can have only one symptom and be sz like if your delusions are bizarre or you hear two voices commenting. There are also different types. I’m assuming you’re asking about paranoid schizophrenia, because there are types that don’t have hallucinations or delusions. :sunny:


I’m hoping I have bipolar. I don’t have any symptoms anymore. If you’re manic or depressive the symptoms look almost identical to schizophrenia, except bipolar 1 symptoms are more brief and the symptoms are not chronic, only the condition. This is why it’s a big deal to me when someone messes up a diagnosis. My episodes were very brief, and I recovered quickly each time. The coerced anti-psychotics worsened my state of mind over time. I didn’t understand it. I didn’t get why I couldn’t just be, and then I had to take chemicals that made me feel worse or sick. I should have been put on an anti-depressant, anxiety pill, and a mood stabilizer. But they put me on a bunch of high dosed medications and that didn’t exactly work. It was more like being sedated/tranquilized and felt like an assault on my humanity.