Do cigarettes increase or decrease your concentration?

I recently realize I am bored most of the time doing anything - I grab my phone or a cigarette. I am restless. I wonder…Am I bored because I smoke, or do I smoke because I am bored?


You probably smoke because you’re addicted to nicotine. Have you ever tried ecigs? I switched to ecigs and never looked back.


i have this idea (or delusion) that cigs mess with the frequency of our brain waves in relation to the universe and prevent us from being in tune with ourselves fully. so probably all of the above.


LOL the post i was going to write beforehand said the same thing. it’s definitely the addiction

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Honestly, I have never been addicted - the cigarettes I smoke a day depend on my psychological state. Sometimes I can smoke 2 for a day, then the next day I can smoke 2 packs…And when I quit I lose weight - because I am so extreme. If I smoke then lets get it all - smokes, food, alcohol…
Anyways, right now cigarettes are turning into a burden - I go for smoke breaks at work, I spend too much money on them.


its not always easy but I would just put them down. there no good really. get another nicotine alternative

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I smoke too much

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Nicotine can increase your concentration, but smoking is bad for your health.


What @Wave said, only temporarily though, I’d say about 30-45 my concentration is increased.

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@vangogh nice to see you active on forum. I was banned 2 weeks… Are you still working? I have the same problem but I found the solution.
I will buy a kg of tobacco and make ciggaretes

Tobacco is a very unhealthy way to receive nicotine, but I did a little research and it does appear that nicotine increases concentration.

“The nicotine molecule is structurally similar to acetylcholine and hence is able to bind to its receptors, which prevents acetylcholine from attaching there and allows the neurons to fire more readily than they otherwise would.”

“That means you feel more charged up, coherent etc. The brain is artificially induced to fire more neurotransmitters, hence you are able to make decisions, think clearly, basically your brain is on full alert mode. You are more focused, the lassitude [mental weariness] is staved off.” --Quora


Smoking cigs, ecigs, and vaping seemed to help me at the time, but within 2 weeks of quitting nicotine, I had to lower my medication dosage because I went from barely able to function, to falling asleep at work because my meds started working so much better.

The thing to keep in mind about nicotine is it affects your medication absorbtion in your brain, at least for me it does. I won’t ever smoke again if I can help it, just because I want to take less meds, not more.

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Yes, I am still working. And today I realized I won’t be able to quit smoking at this job - it’s too boring… :frowning:

smoking definitely helps me concentrate but everyone is right it’s so bad for you that’s it’s not worth it. If you can quit you should imo.

You probably smoke because you’re bored and addicted to nicotine.

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