Do you like Cola drinks

I sometimes purchase one 1.5 litre Cola light bottle and then drink it on the same day, do you like Cola drinks?


i used to have about 4 cans coke a day or 1.5 litre bottle but ive had to stop because i have a gall stone and it irritates it xxxx it was my favourite drink as well . the proper coke not diet, i dont like pepsi because i can taste the sweetner in it xx

rum and coke sure

You mean Cuba Libre, I have not had it for many many years, I remember having it with one Wayne in Mexico in 1996 and later in the same year in Venezuela with one American woman and one Dutch man.

It’s rum and coke to me. Or cola, I can’t taste any difference between them, so I buy a cheap brand.

My brand costs just 1.4 euros (a 1.5-litre Cola light bottle). It is cheap.

Mine is about 0.50 cents for 2 litres, 4 for 2 euros. It’s very cheap.

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I know that it’s super unhealthy, but I can’t help myself. I once tried to quit soda and simply drink juice, but around half a year into that my sister informed me that most juices here just as unhealthy as soda and so I went back to drinking it regularly.

I bought a SodaStream. Have a whack tonne of Coke Zero flavouring and also a case of this:

Mix some in with the Coke Zero and I have as much zero cal Cherry Coke as I want.

Life can be good when you want it to be.


I get 2l for £1. I prefer the diet version cola.

I don’t have them often, they just make you more thirsty in the long run, but when I’m desperate for a energy boost will have one.

I buy the cheaper cola, not Pepsi or Coke, if I buy it. Decided to have a change this week so bought Jamaican grape flavoured fizz.

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i still have a bottle of coke at my room…

I like cola, usually buy the cheap stuff and my partner has me drinking diet.

I do not drink cola drinks often because they are said to be bad for the teeth.

There is a cola drink called cockta.
That could be my favourite cola along with julmust.
They are not found in country where i live.
Julmust could be found at ikea around xmas time but cockta does not seem to be around.
They did have it at a halal butcher shop back when i was muslim but not anymore.

There are people i met that were addicted to coke and one was a dentist.
Another would drink 2 litres at least every day i think.
Dont think thats good for the teeth and it might not hydrate as well as water for those who only drink coke and no water to go with it.

I love cola, but as a Diabetic I try to avoid sodas.
Lately I’ve been under a lot of stress and I have been eating a lot of junk food.
I just may buy a cola drink some time soon.

I think the sugar in cola is the worst things that you can have for schizophrenia Ive given it up completely and my symptoms have gone away

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Like Diet Coke once in a while. Usually after eating fried chicken or a hamburger.

The CocaCola company invented quite a number of flavors of Coke, for example Vanilla Coke, Zero Coke…

Cola drinks are okay, but they’re so acidic that they’re hard on your stomach. Sometimes in the past I would drink a two liter bottle of Mountain Dew, and then be ready for the day. I also did that with a soft drink called “Surge”. It could hit the spot on a hot day to drink a two liter bottle of that.