Do ADHD stimulants amplify you if taken with Abilify?

My psychiatrist changed my diagnosis from schizo-affective to bipolar one just this year, but he is wary about my prior adhd diagnosis from another clinic that I switched from. He wants me to take an ADD test to be certain. He prescribed me Paxil because he is thinking I am depressed. The Vyvanse is making me very happy and creative. I’m also having irritability and crashing in the morning right before my next dose. I only take it once in the morning at 40mgs. The Abilify is a dopamine agonist, Vyvanse is the same kind of thing right? I have also heard Abilify can amplify anti-depressants and other medications.

I am very overwhelmed. I called the psychiatrist office but all I can do is leave a voicemail and they don’t call back–because they’re a federal funded practice and they said they were backed up by Medicaid clients. My dad is on the board and made a note, that they just let their crisis phone ring off the hook. I called three separate times and they just let it ring continuously. So eventually, I went to the ER an told them about how I couldn’t even talk to anyone at my psychiatric place. Since I had an appointment in 7 days they gave me a 10 day supply for Vyvanse to prevent a sudden crash since I had run out prior to my appointment–only because it’s hard to get appointments exactly when I run out of Vyvanse. I asked my psychiatrist to switch me to Strattera so I would not have to deal with this, but instead he wants me to take :Paxil right after I had a severe reaction from Effexor. I can’t take anti-depressants and all my prior doctors knew this. Why is he ignoring me. He also keeps pushing Buspar on me. That’s what: Paxil, Buspar, Abilify, Vyanse. I don’t want to seem non-compliant but they are not doing their job.

Gee - ADHD stimulants can worsen bipolar mania or even trigger mania or mixed episodes.

Stimulants like ADHD meds or antidepressants can trigger/worsen psychosis.

I would consult with a qualified psychiatrist who is familiar with Mood Disorders.

Best of luck to you -


I don’t think that I have a mood disorder though, I think I have schizophrenia. That was my original diagnosis.

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Even with schizophrenia, one has to be careful with stimulants, as they can worsen or trigger psychosis - I would straighten it out with your pdoc.

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I have an appointment the 17th, other than that-- no other resources. I can’t even talk to people because their clinic is always too disorganized and busy. They don’t call back and you know, my dad brought it up at a board meeting but they still have not called back! I called the crisis number three times. The phone just rings off the hook, like no one is answering the crisis number anymore. Are they trying to make me sick or just not doing anything at all to help me? I brought up everything about the anti-depressants having bad effects, and then he wants me to try Paxil. I don’t want to add all these new prescriptions, and I am starting to doubt their legitimacy of saying I am either Bipolar or Schizophrenic. I am starting to feel defensive, like it is a big joke and lie, to oppress people. Because not everything was a hallucination, and all my paranoid conspiracies came true anyways. Look around you and you will notice–guess what we are a surveillance state, guess what they were reading people’s emails and it’s called wiretapping. I don’t think my mom was targeted specifically for her activism, but that question is merely hypothetical and not delusion related. I am so tired of the whole thing. If I can’t get help, and by help it means slowing down dopamine receptor activity or heightening it under false pretenses, what am I seeing a doctor for? Maybe that’s why I don’t deserve disability, another thing. Being misdiagnosed and I’m about to be approved for disability and I am starting to have serious issues of disagreement with the DSM and the idea I am bipolar and there is no proof of that. I have never had inappropriate emotions excluding the ones induced by medications like Effexor.

You see a pdoc soon, this is a good thing @StarryNight.

I would walk into his office with prepared questions for Him.

Go prepared.

Good luck to you @StarryNight.

I’m prescribed 10mg Dexedrine, 20mg Abilify and 20mg paxil if that’s helps anything. Vyvanse is a bit harsh in my opinion when mixed with abilify.

I just went from thinking I was schizoaffective for the last 5 years to being diagnosed as bipolar 1. I too am losing faith in the system. It also seems like bipolar a take more meds than people with schizophrenia do.
Either way I would love to get prescribed a stimulant for my adhd but the doctors keep telling me it’s too risky. Ability works against stimulants so you’re essentially lifting the ceiling on your meds by taking s stimulant if that makes any sense.

I just made a thread similar without seeing this one.

I definitely think that Abilify blocks the effects of stimulants, if it doesn’t totally block it, it dulls the effects of stimulants, atleast for me.

I found a article / study that somehow addresses the issue.

if anyone else has any input on this, let us know!