Disturbing thoughts

My brain just won’t shut up, it’s constant thoughts whirling round and round and they won’t stop :frowning: I keep thinking I’ve done something bad or wrong, I can’t think of anything specific but I just have the horrible feeling I’m a terrible person and have said or done awful things and that my friends and family hate me, even though no one has actually said anything. Also I’m worried my best friend has been replaced by a living doll, I keep trying to tell myself it can’t be true but her recent photos on facebook don’t look like her and I’m freaking out because now I can’t get in touch with her incase it’s the doll thing that replies and not the real her. I wish I could just make my brain shut up :frowning:


Your friend hasn’t been replaced. That’s a delusion. It also sounds like you have racing thoughts.

You should tell your medical team what you told us. Be 100% honest with them.

I’d be worried about the racing thoughts. But your doctor can give you something for that.

I’m slightly worried that you’re becoming ill again. So definetely have a talk to your medical team.


Thanks Everhopeful, I have an appt with my psychiatrist at the end of the month, I’m just going to have to keep it together until then, but I am a bit scared I am becoming ill again too because I have that freight train through the brain feeling and I am worrying obsessively. I guess I can always phone them tomorrow though and ask to speak to someone.


I’d ring them tomorrow and get their opinion. Better to be safe than sorry.


yeah thats a good idea, i phone when i need support and i find it extremely helpful, they listen and try and help which makes me feel so much better.


Yeah, thanks, I think I’ll ring tomorrow, I don’t like the way I feel right now.


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