Disorganized speech and think

Guys what do you do when this happen i cant grasp my thoughts theyr so fast help how do i speak and calm them down how to deal with this. I dont word salad but i just cant make a sentance out of words like normal. I stutter and time taking. Writing is easier but still. Help

Maybe you should start writing. Create an out line with characters and an event. Then just write try to make your sentences as clear and legible as possible. Maybe reading would help to. They’ve already organized the thoughts for you. You just have to read and maybe your mind will get a little more organized. It’s worth a shot. I particularly like scifi.

I write far better then I speak. I get into the word salad and I have a very hard time. First, I write something a few times. I also try and slow down when I write. Sometimes I’ll write something in hand first, then type it. That will make me slow down.

Then I can copy paste it here. Don’t worry about the stutter. The more you try to fight it, the more you will stutter. If your not up for talking, don’t force it. I’ve been with family and I’ve written them letters but not been able to say stuff.

The racing thoughts, I have seroquel and that slows down my head. Also when I was a kid I was ADHD. I was so hyper. So the Ritalin also helped me slow down.

I also use to swim and run and burn off the energy that that would also slow me down enough to think.

But yes, I have to write stuff out a few times before I post. I do assure you, I do write better then I talk.

you may benefit from taking fish oil and a good multi vitamin , as you are young and still growing your brain needs greater nourishment.
meditation may help to slow your thoughts, and concentrate your mind.
take care

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Sounds to me like you need different meds.