Disclosing mental problems

Who here is comfortable disclosing their illness (s) of the mind?

I know I sure as hell don’t

Wish my family didn’t even know

How’re we supposed to get a level playing field? Nuts to that I say. We have to put in the extra shift each time to be successful


Can’t you work part time?

I don’t mean about work, just general

It’s very selective. I’d like to be open but it depends on circumstance. I get sick of answering questions down the cricket club with " what do you do for a living’ when I’m on a disability pension. It gets tiring and sometimes, although I’m pretty open with things, I just don’t bother because it’s way too tiring explaining it all!

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It harms I think to feel ashamed of this ‘dirty’ secret that other people will never understand

Acceptance in wider society for mental illness is not as progressive as some might say

This goes for any difference more generally as well

Life is hard enough without having to keep your guard up all the time from evil, nasty people


Yeah can understand. I’ve found most people just don’t care about too much that doesn’t impact them. I project as a nice guy and work hard at maintaining. If I can though I’ll try and educate but that is all about summing up what is in front of you…

Some people it’s just not worth the energy. Others it is and they’ll learn…that makes my heart glad but it’s all about what works for me. I don’t get myself into stresful or negative interactions if it won’t work for me.


I have taken a oath with self,
I am not gonna disclose to any one other than here.

General population goes like,
"Birds of a feather, flock together. "
“Hang around a Barber shop long enough, you will definitely get a hair cut.”

I have come over with the above quotes.
I don’t want people surrounding me to know, that I am weak.
So I don’t pull them Down along with me.
Who every I have said it to, either they don’t respect my opinions or they are long gone.

Even my psychologist never understood me.
But yes psychiatrist do.
Even one of the docs I visited long ago said not to let people know about my condition.

One of my friend revealed some thing to me how smart he is. I felt the shock and wondered how wonderful his brain was, more than getting angry on him. Oh man brain is really a beauty.

The extend that some good brain functions.
They are really a gift from above.
I am so jealous of every ones brains.
I am selfish, I wanna experience every little moment.
Even a plant, that has its own experience.

One thing that hits me is this quote,
“Anyone can feel good, when there bills are paid,
But the real challenge is when you get knocked down”

Sorry, if I got off the topic.

I’ve always disclosed SZ at work. Have not had an issue - they still let me drive around school buses full of kids as I passed the required physicals and docs signed off on my stability. It was my heart that put an end to this, not my head (can’t do it now in good conscience in case I have another stroke behind the wheel).

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it has been helpful to me disclosing it to the manager.

she had asked me to come in on my day off due to an emergency, I brought up that it would overwhelm my mental health and she was very understanding.

but yea, don’t need everyone knowing though!

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Half the town know im schizophrenic. Which is not always good. I get some level of sympathy from a couple of females, but the blokes round here treat it like a threat.

I used to be really open about it. And nothing bad ever happened as a result.

But now I feel more guarded about it.

Nobody except my family know.

Really not accepted here i dont think, even i would find it hard to accept someone as normal when their sz. Im not 100% on that. Most people know theres something wrong with me but i doybt theyd think its as extreme as sz. People are pretty shallow around here though. Men are cruel, women are bitchees. The dogs and cats be alright with it though, and close family

I haven’t told anyone at work because I see no need too, I can do my job fine and don’t need special treatment.

I use to tell a lot of people, but after a few bad experiences I am more guarded about it. Most people I have told don’t care, the only people that seem to care are women when it comes to dating, they usually lose interest after I tell them. Some people are curious about it, others have apologized, I’ve received different reactions from different people…

All of my friends and my immediate family know. I am very open with a few of them about my meds, my struggles, and the details of SZA.

I am fortunate that they don’t judge me (that I know of), and are very supportive. Sometimes I think there’s a little pity, though. Or I am suspicious they think I’ll never make anything of my life, but that could be my paranoia.

My best friend and my dad support me in my goals of getting well and writing, singing, and making art again. They don’t think it’s impossible and that is some days helpful, and some days feels depressing, 'cause I don’t know if I believe in myself.

For everyone else, I am mostly able to put on a good front and be friendly.

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