Disappointment is not a strong enough word for how I feel about doctors

The radiation burn I received from a doctor when I was an infant could be the major reason for my mental illness. They are automatically dismissed from my mind as unhelpful and I am not real with them.

I’ve never had a regular dr. don’t trust them, they are shifty…and liars.


I don’t think a radiation burn can cause sz.

When it happened when I was 10 months old and was so severe it shaped my entire life into an untrusting view of people = mother couldn’t save me. I might disagree. The burn is still a deep scar.

I don’t think they are shifty. When I went to the hospital after injesting draino. I watched the doctors do nothing to save me. Maybe they couldn’t. But after that I began to wonder how far has medicine actually progressed. Also I remember going to dermatologists for a fungus that I had. The first one did nothing. The second one actually gave me something. So it depends really. I believe many of the people that are doctors shouldn’t be but there is no real test for that other than the real world.

What happened that you got a radiation burn as a baby? It’s plausible that that kind of trauma (and possibly radiation damage to the brain at a tender age) could increase the risk of sz.

I think I have a bit of an inferiority complex next to Doctors since my education is in a highly impractical subject like the liberal arts that hasn’t led to anything substantial…

I don’t trust any doctors except my psychiatrist.

The doctors made me live in a nightmare for 12 years. While I was sick, all the doctors used to be condescending with me and to tell me that it was all in my head, and that I wasn’t really sick in reality, that I was a nuisance for the health system because I was always asking for help for no reason according to them.

To block me, they wrote in my public medical record (public health system here) that I should not be given any care unless it’s an emergency. Because of that, I have been ignored for 12 years even if I was in a pityful and severe condition. Yes 12 years of untreated mental illness because of that!

Only my current psychiatrist decided not to follow what is written in my medical record and tried to really help me.

So I guess you know now what I think about doctors! :rage:

It was either a war thing or a careless doctor. My mother’s memory was unclear.