Disability determination

i got papers for disability determination today and i had to fill out the paperwork and my partner got paperwork too. i don’t know if they sent it to the doctors or not. i am nervous about the ssi thing. what if they deny me because i’m doing better on the meds. i need the ssi to pay for my bills and be eligible for medicaid. if i can’t get my meds i for sure will wind up in the hospital again.

i realized though this illness effects a lot of senses like seeing and hearing i explained on the paperwork that i can’t listen to people talk for very long or i get distracted by the voices because the voices talk over them. especially aaron and rebecca

This is my fear every time I get those papers. Good luck.

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thanks, i have been doing better with the meds.

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Good luck. I hear documentation is really important so it’s good that you described what’s going on in detail.

i hope i dont have to go to an outside doctor of that am not use too because that would freak me out. they did that last time and the doctor canceled the appointment because she was sick then the same day after canceling the determination people called and said i didn’t need to make another appointment because they decided to let me keep my ssi

I hope you don’t have to see an outside Dr too. You never know what they’re going to say or do.

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