Disability benefits

Can you have disability benefits and free food if you live in your brother’s house alone?

Can I have these if I live with my parents?
Do you write your expenses even if your parents are paying them? I did this last time and my application got declined bcz I had no expenses.

I live with my parents and I have disability benefits. I also live in Canada. When I applied, they wrote a letter to the disability agencies saying that I pay rent, then once I got approved they started charging me rent for real. It works out.


Can’t you get a lawyer?

The government won’t ask or lookup for proof that I paid rent for my parents?

Why? I am in Canada. I don’t have money for a lawyer and don’t know anything about law.

What annoys me is that my mother is an accountant and she refuses to help me bcz she says I will become lazy if I get on disability. She doesn’t understand that its been 10 years, since my diagnosis, that I am staying in bed all day everyday. She refuses that I am disabled and have schizophrenia.


I don’t know if they would be more thorough now, because I got on disability in 2017. First I got on Ontario Works. They wanted to look at my previous month’s bank statement to assess my financial need. There was nothing in that statement that would indicate paying rent as far as I know, but the letter from my parents saying that they charge me rent was good enough for them. Later I got on CPP-D and ODSP, and I think they used the information from OW in their assessment.


@anon99536719 I just applied for a Canada government account (GCKey). I should receive my access code in 5-10 days by mail. Tomorrow I will call my bank to know how to open a disability account (Registered disability savings plan). Once I have both I will fill, print and bring the required documents to my psychiatrist. Then send all the documents to the Government of Canada. It will take min 3 months to be accepted.

Is there free food for the disabled in Canada?
I couldn’t find any online.

I haven’t heard anything about free food for disabled people in Canada.

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If your living in your parents home all you can get is room and board. I don’t think they will let you have shelter funding if you are renting from a family member. The social system in Ontario takes advantage of family. I was on the housing wait list for 3 1/3 years and they wouldn’t find me anything. Room and board doesn’t even cover the bills that would be associated with living with your parents. If you rent an apartment shelter won’t cover let alone bills. You have to work at least part time to afford groceries on ODSP. I’ve heard other people who got social housing got to keep their full shelter allowance but have subsidized housing meaning the difference can go to bills or food. There is no way to cheat the system. Also remember if you do have SZ that relationships can be trying. Meaning if in any way your family sticks their head out for you, in a crisis they can have a change of heart and you could get in legal trouble.

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Thanks, I found housing for schizophrenia here in Quebec for 435$/month it includes:
Housing, utilities; telephone including long distance in North America; unlimited Internet; insurance; monthly activities.

I am trying to see what I can do when my parents die in 10-15 years. It scares me, scared to go homeless.

You sure that’s not just a room. I pay 615 a month for a one bedroom basement apart that includes water nothing else. Around here that’s the cheapest anybody can find.

Oh yea its a room in a 5 1/2 appartment but you’re alone in the room, 3-4 in the house I think.

Is that disability/schizophrenia housing?

You sure that’s good for someone with SZ?

Yes I found it through a schizophrenia organization in Quebec, they offer rooms for schizophrenics in major Quebec cities.

No no such thing here. There’s disability units …for people with physical disabilities. Otherwise the don’t care about mental or psychiatric disabilities. It took me a lawyer just to get disability.

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I get discounts on bus and train fares and workfare supplements but only because I have ASD as well.

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