Diet hack 🍵

I have found that if I am craving a snack between healthy meals a nice hot cup of tea keeps the hunger at bay


No duh, jim bobby boy boyo.

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Was news to me :smiley:

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I’m making an effort to drink more tea. I usually start with a coffee in the mornings but I’m starting to at least have a cup of tea for morning tea. I think it’s so good for you.


Yeah mate it is. Especially black like you take it if I remember right.

My old mum wakes each night for an hour around 3am. She always makes a cuppa and it does her good. She sleeps well after too


What tea do you drink @rogueone? I drink Yorkshire tea

Just a blend but I love it


I drink Liptons. Quality black tea. A nice black tea.


I drink tea and coffee pretty frequently, but I’m dependent on Ripple Pea Beverage (basically Pea Milk but they’re not allowed to call it that.) It’s creamier than milk and tastes decent.

If I use any milk in my tea / coffee, I’m arguing with voices for hours afterwards from the brain inflammation.

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Caffeine stimulates the appetite. So… I just know that not that I try to not eat a lot.

This video is a little long but worth watching

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Dude, you can make about 6 cups of tea with one tea bag the way this dude does it.

My old roommate did a sponsored cycle through Jordan. Along the way he went in an Arabic barbershop. This was an all day event. The local old boys hung out in there for hours chatting and joking.

Lots of tea was served and he got a great leisurely haircut. I wish it was the same here


That would be so awesome. Across the street from where I used to work these black guys owned a hot dog and sandwich shop. You could get two dogs for $2.50 or something. It was so fun going there bc there was just a bunch of guys sitting around just joking and laughing and the dude that owned the place just would laugh just to be laughing. I loved going over there


Are you learning Arabic?

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Yeah. Sometimes I get depressed and don’t study but yeah.
@anon94176359 I didn’t study today because it was spring like weather here and I spent a lot of time outside

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I lived in Saudi Arabia for a couple of years when I was a toddler. Dad got a contract job at a power plant. I can remember a few vague places but have mostly forgotten.

We lived on a ‘western’ compound. Kind of a funny set up. All I remember was there was a great outdoor swimming pool. I learned to swim like a fish

In fact my strongest memory was my three older sisters pinning me to the ground and forcing me to watch the ‘thriller’ video of Michael Jackson lol


Yeah. There was a guy at my old church who is an engineer. He had to live in Malaysia for a while. His family lived on a “compound” with other Americans. I don’t think his children ever knew they were in Asia.
@anon94176359. But I love languages anyway.

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