Did your ap killed your negative emotions?

hi all
now that I am on Seroquel in plus of the Zyprexa, my negative emotions are suppressed. but my positive emotions are still not here. one day on 50 mg of Seroquel and my anxiety is lessened already. it was hell in the past, I was suffocating by fear outside and the Zyprexa wasn’t a big help on this.
but what do you think? can the Seroquel make me feel some positive emotions finally or ill have to struggle still for them? I guess there are people with sz who live their illness being good. me honestly, I went really mean, angry,jealous and hatefull in my illness but I was always feeling bad about this. I just hope this can stop one day…

For me, getting on the right med eventually made my positive emotions come back. I don’t know if that’s common, though.

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It’s interesting. I have some intrusive thoughts that aren’t supressed by meds.

I think positive emotions will be struggled. I don’t think that there is a med that will give positive emotions. A good therapist may help with that.

yes,i guess its not simple. but @ninjastar, did you know the anger or the jealousy in your illness? lol… I wasn’t nice I know, I am still not nice but I never chose that also… is it more typical for a depression to feel those feelings?

My pdoc told me that yes AP’s kill emotions. But he said sz/sza kills emotions also. He said those are the reasons why I feel no anger, sadness, fear, joy, etc… All I feel is contentedness. I feel contentedness in the worst of situations imaginable. I’m all good. I don’t know what to account for it. Could be my prayer life. Could be my twice daily meditation. Could be my daily yoga practice. It’s probably all three. I don’t agree with my doctor. I don’t think it is sz or AP’s. Even though both apply to me. Because I am content. It is a good thing not a negative thing.

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I believe that our body get used with the meds, so our lack of emotions because of meds isn’t forever.

hi all, how are you today?
me, 2 days on 50 mg of Seroquel but my fear is still hear. its deep in me, its strange. I am just sedated now, the pupils dilated with no positive emotion and with my fear. it sucks… I wish I feel a bit of pleasure one day… maybe I need time, what do you think?