Did you take your meds tonight?


I just took my bedtime meds. Have you taken yours? How many times a day do you take meds?

I’m supposed to take mine twice a day, but I double up and take everything at night. It works fine for me so I’m going to have my doctor fix the directions next time I go.

I can never remember to take meds in the morning. And then I can never remember if I took them or not and sometimes double dose myself on accident. Better to just avoid it altogether.


Dosset box?
I want to buy one. Need to remind myself to get one cos I’m the same. What if I double up on the med and not even sure.


Like a champ. ………………….


I take medication twice a day. Morning and night. I took my meds last night cause it’s morning here now.

I could probably do the same thing and take everything at night. But I don’t mind splitting the dose and doing morning and night it is working out fine I seem to remember though I do have the odd day where I forget but that isn’t very often.


I do morning and evening. I used to just do evening, but I have found I need the jump start in the morning of following a proper routine.


Careful @LED. I hope you see your doc soon. They prescribe them a certain way deliberately. It just doesn’t sound good to skip morning and double up at night. It doesn’t sound good at all and It could be dangerous.


Morning, noon and night


I do morning, evening and night.
I haven’t taken my metformin because it’s in the bag I left in my friend’s car. But I’ll be fine without it, I’ll just have some diarrhea when I start taking it again.
I find it easiest to take my morning meds. I’ve made it a routine to take them as soon as I get up, because I’m usually thirsty anyways, so I’ll just throw the meds in my mouth before having something to drink.

I keep forgetting the evening meds, or taking them at different hours.


I take morning and evening meds. The morning meds I take with my first meal, which is either breakfast or lunch depending on how hungry I am or am not when I get up. The evening meds I always take at ten o’clock. Then i’m usually asleep by midnight.


I take them three times a day. I have to take Geodon twice a day. Learned that the hard way. Used to take it all at night. I got a pill box. Helps me if I forget


I take meds twice a day. I have a medication alarm app on my phone that reminds me to take them so I never forget.


The med nurse said it was fine as long as it wasn’t causing problems. I just have to talk to the doctor about it still. Thank you for worrying about me, though. :heart:


I skip morning 5mg haldol and take 10 at night. It seems to be working.


Hi LED, this isn’t advice it’s just something I noticed over the years. I run into the situation occasionally where I have a medical question for a doctor or dentist and I call their office and I get the receptionist. I tell them I have a question for the doctor and the receptionist will give me advice or tell me what to do. The problem is that I have often caught them giving me advice that is not good advice and they are wrong many times. I understand why they do it, it’s an ego thing. They’ve been there for years and they want to show off their knowledge or maybe feel a little more important than they really are. When I run into this problem sometimes it embarrasses me to tell them they are wrong because it makes them look bad but I have to it because sometimes it is obvious that they aren’t sure of their own advice.


CBD oil has been helpful. I take some periodically. Drops are best… Smoke is cool. But the drops leave me feelinh grounded.


I have my meds blister packed so it’s not so confusing and I put alarms on to remind me to take them morning and night.


I was cleaning the kitchen and lost my duloxetine bottle. I can’t find it anywhere. It’s the only small bottle of pills I have, so I know it’s not mixed in with the rest. I don’t know what happened to it and I only have 2 hours to find it.


Shiit @LED, I hope you find it. Check in places you’d never imagine putting it too just in case. My mom and I had to dig my meds out of the trash once, after accidentally throwing it away.


I take meds morning and evening. Tonight I forgot to take them, but seeing this post reminded me to.


Found the duloxetine! It fell into a bowl of dirty dishes. Found it when I was loading the dishwasher.