Did you have a good day on Halloween

I think I had an ok day.


I went out to eat with the fam… it was okay… it’s kindda funny seeing people in Japan celebrating Halloween and saying trick or treat!! Lol


It’s Australia but we used to have locals who’d try and trick or treat so we keep a stock of chocolate for the occasion. No trick or treaters as usual so more chocolate for me. Mini Mars bars are the business when put in the fridge. :slight_smile:

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My Halloween went well. It was very relaxing.

I made the mistake though of leaving Coast to Coast on the radio and falling asleep.

I was having some pretty weird dreams until I switched it back over to the oldies station.

I played dnd with some friends it was pretty good until me and my Dm both got migraines.

We both took some pain killers but Unfortunately our poor Dm just kept feeling worse so the end was kinda rushed :frowning:

But she’s feeling better today so that’s good

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