Did you guys know I also play the banjo?

It was my second instrument…first came the cello in orchestra in the third grade, then banjo, then guitar in that order…I wish I could post a video but I don’t have any knowledge or way to film my playing…


That’s cool!

Can you play dueling banjos from Deliverance?

I can play the piano a little bit.


some ones in the kitchen with diena playing the old banjo.


yes I can play dueling banjos…haha…everyone asks for that…I also play the ballad of Jed Clampett (the beverly hillbillies theme song), foggy mountain breakdown and much more… @anon54386108


That is cool! I remember you saying you played the banjo. I didn’t know you could play the ballad of jed clampett I grew watching the Beverly hill billies with my dad I mean the show not the movie.

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i’ve seen Billy Connolly play the banjo, there are some really good tunes on that thing, he got his banjo custom made, it was in a recent tv thing

Do you have a smartphone?

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