Did you feel very bad on meds before starting to feel better?

HI all :slight_smile:
I just wonder this, cause i ask myself if i feel the bad side effects of the meds now or its more my illness still… I presume every start of meds is very difficult, was your experience like this?
Or not?..
i know some ill friends who felt better really witht he start of their meds, but i tend to think some of us are very knocked out by their meds in the beginning, with all kind of bad stuff, because of them?
Well, i raised my dose 7 months ago, which is a lot i guess, but maybe i wasn’t feeling my meds before, cause i was too ill, and now its just one big hard mess?
but maybe, for my regret, its only the illness, that i feel now, i don’t know…

Yes I had hard time adjusting to pills but now I can’t even tell I’m on meds. I had to try different ones.

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For all of you, that had bad effects from the meds, what were they if you remember it?
Maybe i need months even years to get used to mine? But yeap, in all this, theres my illness too still probably. But strange things happen in my head now. My mom lost hope for my recovery years ago… i dont know anymore if i should believe my docs, that meds can take years to help… it sounds like a big lie a bit.

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