I wish i asked for numbers at a hospital - did you make any friends?

I wish i asked for phone numbers at a hospital. I really liked two persons i think we could be friends. We would live far away from each other but at least we could chat on the phone and meet for a drink occasionally. I think i could hang with 4 people from hospital. Often i feel sorry i didn´t ask for their numbers. What about you, did you make any friends at a hospital?

Psychosis sucked, but i met some really nice people at the hospital.

Yeah, I made a friend. This bipolar chick, we used to sing together there. We exchanged phone numbers but I lost the piece of paper and she never called me. Too bad, I liked her.

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I met an older lady in hospital who I liked - she was pretty but had problems. On my last day she told me she liked me and gave me her number. Never called it - don’t know why. She was great.

I did but wasn’t interested. Wish I exchanged numbers with some hot chicks.

no I never met friends at hospital. I aws too ill.

This lady with a beard used to call me every day and just keep ranting on for an hour while I said “yeah”…this was back before life made any sense to me. i couldn’t imagine me being all that interesting.

She said she was diagnosed schizo-affective but didn’t beleive it. i believed it.

Yeah we were always hanging around in the hospital like a cool nuts squad lol but I was aware that once they get out, people tend to forget a time spent in hospital, so those are just temporary friendships…
Took a few numbers from some girls but we never called each other.

I was asked for my number today at the clinic where I got my Tetanus vaccination. He was a cute nurse, but he only asked because I forgot to put it on the form. sigh :wink:

I met a couple of cool people, including my roomates - But I never got a chance to make contact with them outside of the Hospital.

I was never allowed to exchange numbers or emails or anything with other patients due to privacy issues and HIPAA and stuff. It’s a shame. I met some really kind people while there :confused:

I made a friend at a day program and 6 months later we were both in the same psyche ward together. Later on I moved into a 5 bedroom supported housing situation and I made friends with this guy and he rented out one of the rooms to my first friend. He didn’t tell the people who ran it and he didn’t ask permission to rent out the room. I didn’t really have any friends in the hospitals but I was friendly with some people. I got a couple girls numbers but nothing really came from it.

got the contacts, then when i got out i was afraid of contacting them

Yea, I made a few friends in there. One dude in his late 30s was wasted on his meds, seeing bright colors and laughing for a day straight started comunicating with me. Talked about his life story and we played cards…I won most of the games… I would just stare at him like O_O as he talked about crazy stuff.

Then I met an older woman in her 30s. Regret not getting her number cause she said she was mostly homeless and wish I could help her in some way. Like just talking and trying to comfort her if she felt alone. She seemed to gravite around me and I felt bad for her cause she used to yell for a way out of the ward.

There were other cool people I met… Only part I enjoyex was the social aspect of the gatherings.

I swapped numbers with a girl. When I got out, I used to visit her and bring cigarettes to her. Then one day I didn’t visit when I said I would and she never replied to any of my texts after that.