Did you ever realize that you were copying your parents

And that if you had a choice, you’d rather not behave that way? I finished the post on fathers who hit, but forget that when I was a kid I used to copy him, beating our cat. I felt terrible about it later. It destroyed a lot of my personality.

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I’ve read that a lot of abused children will abuse animals too. Sad. Sorry you went through that.

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Sometimes I will do or say something in the exact same way my mom would and for a couple seconds it’s like I’m her. I think this is a common phenomenon but still surreal to experience it.

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Nothing like my parents. Probably a Generational / Cultural issue.

My mum does some things that annoy me in her behaviour. I do them too when I’m nervous. It’s something to work on.

I walked in my sisters house Sunday and I was bugged and my older sister said I look exactly like my dad when he used to be bugged.


I had no idea what to study in college I just copied my father.

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