Did you ever meet hostile people on the ward?

I’ve been attacked, sexually harassed and some guys tried being bullies. It’s prison psychology. Patients want power over the others and staff want power over the patients. Even the keys jingling by staff is used as a weapon to strike fear into patients.

The hospital system is highly bureaucratic with box ticking bs.

I hope many of you file lawsuits as I am planning to do…

Edit: A few months ago a woman was catatonic and had a weird body movement/shape

a Healthcare worker/support worker said ‘I should f*ck her cos I’m a G’ as a joke.

I didn’t find it funny…sick sick people


My roomate was a prisoner. He stole my new Nike shoes while I was asleep. I saw him using them. I told security and they brought them back to me. The prisoner looked angry at me after. Also one night a nude guy came to my room, I yelled at him gtfo then he was gone.


Also one young girl came to my room at night and asked me if I want a bj. I said no.

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I saw naked people during my first hospital admission. And urine on the floor, faeces in the only shower…

Hospitals can be vile places


I made out with a girl but backed off from her the next day as she seemed to lack capacity. Some staff have had a crush on me before too, I could tell. One female staff member even asked me if she looked ‘sexy’ on her photo ID. Inappropriate. But she was hot ngl xD

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I watched a patient kick down a door. He refused to take a shot in the ass. It was hilarious. Another time different place a bunch of smokers were out on the yard and all of a sudden a big flash of lightning occurred. Everybody ran screaming. Lol.boom

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Some guy threatened to stab me in the face twice and another guy kept hitting me with his elbow. Someone threw a paper airplane at my head. I turned around and saw the guy who threatened to stab me and another guy.

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A girl threw a glass of milk in my face for sitting in her seat.

The seat was empty but she said she was sitting there.

Another hospital a guy and staff got into a fist fight right beside me.a nurse pushed me to safety to protect me from it all.

The staff at one place held me down five of them on my belly with arms behind back and knee etc on and i couldn’t breath it was awful and violent.
I was just trying to leave the hospital.

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There was one psycho that kept staring at me but I ignored him.

Another one with ADHD started yelling at the nurses and he threw a fist on the wall so he broke his hand.

Another that had brain injury because of a motorcycle accident who was very violent. They had to strap him down.

Luckily everything went fine. Otherwise ward is a calm place here in Sweden.


There was a couple patients on the ward that got annoyed with me for picking my nose then handling food sometimes I put finger up nose when nervous and they gav3 me a hard time but then she became friendly with me and gave me jewellery
There was a couple hostile wicked nurses on the ward

Some of the patients were fighting for the TV remote. There was a very old lady causing trouble lol


Ha ha ha ha ha

I was in hospital in Sweden too.

I have been in hospital in Sweden and Australia :australia:.

I was born in Sweden but am Australian now.

In Sweden is where the girl threw milk in my face.

Ha det så bra speedy.
Vad kul att du är svensk.:slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve also had terrible experiences in the ward. I even watched a guy die. It was awful. I hate hospital wards.


I remember someone in my mental hospital who shat on the floor in her room and was then calling nurses to clean it up :joy:

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Last one i was at a dude pooped in another person’s shower, we called him the Phantom Pooper.


I slept with a man in the ward once.

Last hospitalization in 2015 there was this cocky, arrogant ashole who was bugging patients and staff alike. He was hogging the remote and just giving everybody sht. He wanted a lot of attention. The second day I was getting a glass of lemonade and I heard a ruckus behind me. There was this mild mannered, geeky looking guy with glasses and he got sick of the cocky jerk and just attacked him and beat him down and pummeled him. It took 4 orderlies to tear him off the guy. It was great, it was in the middle of the ward, everybody saw it, it was one of the few times someone who really deserved an ass whipping, got it.


Also, during that same hospitalization they had all the men sleeping in one large room on cots. I was so scared of that place it was hard to go to sleep. The first night something woke me up at like 2:00 am. There was an old, homeless man sleeping on a cot about 7 feet away from me. They woke him up to give him medication and he got scared. He started screaming and yelling at the top of his lungs. 5 orderlies surrounded him and he was out of his mind, they all converged on him and restrained him while he was still screaming and they led him away and put him in the isolation room where we could hear him for the rest of the night screaming and howling in anguish and fear. It was quite scary to see an adult out of control like that.


It’s sad that these places are supposed to be safe and a place where people are there to recuperate and it being like a prison is worse. I hope there are kind staff there who care and never abuse anyone.

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I punched another patient a few times in the head while he was sitting on a bean bag. He was an absolute jerk though. All the other patients thanked me after and the staff didnt do anything to me cause everyone knew how horrible this guy was.