Did you ever meet hostile people on the ward?

Another time, my first day in a ward at 17 years old, an old man tried to bash me. I am pretty sure he thought i was the reincarnation of hitler for some reason. There was evidence he thought this.

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In the acute ward I met hostile patients.

I am a big guy and once I had to hold my ground against this super pissed off Native American. The skinhead I was briefly walking around with started causing trouble with that dude. The NA and I were nose to nose. I stopped hanging around the skinhead. That was my first stay on a ward.

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the ward was mainly calm, but there was one woman I was warned by the nurses that she would bite if made angry. another time there was this big lug that came up to me and because of my delusional beliefs I wasn’t scared of him…he got in my face and kind of looked at me for a long time…then went away…he picked a fight later with this cowboy kid in the ward and the cowboy knocked him to the ground with a punch to the face and then booted him in the nose, breaking his nose…never saw the guys again.

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Sounds like we’ve all lived the same life

first time i did was in the psych ward. guy who thought he still played high school basketball purposefully cut me in line trying to start a fight. then recently when i was in state a guy stomped on my foot.

There were a few hostile, aggressive patients on the ward.

One guy had it in for me and was constantly harassing me.

I stood up for myself.

The staff there knew he was a trouble maker.

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I was walking around deluded when i nearly accidentally ran down a big muscular alltime annoyed guy. He tried a jab at me but missed. Then he saw my mp3 player and offered me protection in exchange for it. I agreed.

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There was a guy that didn’t smoke, and I jokingly asked him a few times if he wanted to come out for a smoke with me, he didn’t find it funny and punched me in the face, lol. Then I responded and we got in a tussle, the hospital staff got involved and asked me if I wanted to press charges, but I said no.

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Really? Thers is security guards in my mental hospital.

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he pooped LMAO!!!

I was in a co ed minor ward in 1997 yep girls and guys in the same ward. That were underage. OH BOY!

Nothing sexual happened but one night the girls in the next room who were minors knocked on my room and showed me something nothing sexual just like a picture or some ■■■■.

My brother is in napa he told me some guy would punch people in the face and when he came outta his room the alarm would go off to warn other patients the person that punches people was out of his room.

I’m sure my brother has tons of stories he’s told me some crazy ones and Im sure the nurse has given him a BJ.

I also remember being in the minor mental ward hospital and some black guy walked in while I took a ■■■■ and told him to leave LOL He saw my cock! lol.

Where I’m from every behavior health unit has two sections the “good” aka the compliment and the “bad” the noncompliant I’ve only been in the noncompliant area once and it was AWFUL, patients were violent, nasty, and unruly. My first stay I was compliant but a fist fight tried to break out between two patients, I went into a PTSD panic attack, they were sent to noncompliant areas after that if I remember right. I’ve heard people poo in their rooms not bathroom but actual rooms, spit at employees, yell and scream… Some patients need to be restrained, I don’t agree with what that one person said but sometimes the employees have no choice but to restraint or restrict patients

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here in california you act ruly they just put you down with a sedative to knock you out.

They don’t mess around with that ■■■■?!

Who would seriously want too???

If employees can complain about unruly customers imagine a mental patient that rachets that ■■■■ up to 100 with full on bodily fluids what’s that white stuff bro!? OMG!!!

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