Did you ever just figure you came from a bad family?

A struggle with this a lot. I was left with so much to learn. Adult foster care has taught me a lot. But it is difficult to face the fact that my parents were insufficient…


I came from a bad family. So did my brother. But he turned out ok. Just goes to show what happens if you hide behind the punch bag and aren’t the punch bag.

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My mum and dad are not perfect but they are also AMAZING.


And that is what I like to focus on. :smile:

No one is perfect.

And once you have kids you need to sacrifice a lot if you made the mistake of not being prepared for it

Because you need to devote so much to kids.

Like feeding them

Changing their nappies

Body changes

Working for a many bedroom house

Freedom of their time is basically significantly diminished.

I love my parents!

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I was advised that children are “a lot of work and a lot of worry.”


No. I wish I had met people like my mom and grandmothers.


No, I am the bad one in my family.

@Aziz given the things you’ve said about your family,I can assure you that you aren’t.

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I come from a neurotic family.
Loving but crazy.

Figured that out at 16, left when I was 18 and never went back


My family is good, but I feel like a huge nuisance. So…I guess I don’t deserve to live.

My mom was totally disheartened when she found out our family was not as respectable as she thought. I was kind of surprised that it took her that long to see it. She died with her belief in our family destroyed. There was a lot about our family that was good, but the flaw was fatal.

Logic swings that way some times… But my parents both did things that deserve credit.

My mother has really turned around in her character. Her chicks left the nest and I guess the pressure came off in a lot of ways. These days she’s more like a friend then a mother.

The real mess of it all was my father’s doing… But ultimately that guy was just taking on circumstances he wasn’t prepared for.

The real clash my life is founded on is most easily demonstrated by looking at my father’s family versus my mother’s family. Totally different.

My father decided my mother’s standards weren’t worth living up to… When he decided that is the real question.

It annoys me that guy gave up on so many things so early on… He’s not just a simple man… He’s an overtly simple man.

So it goes

My father claims he feels inadequate… Used that word a lot throughout the divorce phase. Insufficient… That’s more or less correct.

I lived in a VERY hostile family after my mother died when I was 11. My father (and stepmom) were abusive to the point of breaking a few of my bones. I moved out the day after I graduated high school and never looked back. I did get a restraining order against my father, and he killed himself shortly after that. Good-fricking-bye. My home life was so bad I twice faked a suicide attempt to go to the hospital. What does that say when you’d rather be in the hospital than living with your family?

My family was mostly ok. My mom was bed ridden all the time from sz but not abusive. Dad worked and kept busy most of the time and spent a lot of time with us on the weekends. My grandmother took care of me as a baby. We had a lot of toxins in our environment from the factory across the street and lots of cars.

My wife’s parents used to hit her and call her stupid. She has a few borderline behaviors probably because of it and her brother is a bad alcoholic. Her parents had very little education but my wife turned out to be a pretty great person despite everything she went through as a kid.

My family was neither terribly bad or beneficial. I blame them though because I was sweeter. They will tell you the same. I only saw my dad twice a year. I had a brother and sisters which is nice. I think everyone should have that experience, but overpopulation in the world is too bad. My family situation I was born into could have been better. I think I could have avoided the schizophrenic gene being activated if I had not done some things like use drugs, read The Bible on drugs, and run away from home. It’s easy to blame others and not take responsibility.

my family is good for me… they always were good for me… the things that happened to me were not their “fault” at all.

It simplified parenting for me. Whenever faced with a difficult situation I asked myself how my mom would handle it and then did the opposite.

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