Did you ever have nervous table manners?

I can barely put spoon to mouth I get so tense.

I’m too relaxed while eating. I know the rules, but I still slouch and put my elbows on the table.

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im nervous all the time.no all the time.

Are you nervous when you sleep? Waking up with a start?

im nervous at the moment because job agency

For some reason I have this unusual fear of eating around strangers…at work I never eat in front of anyone.

I know…I know…it’s a bit weird.

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My hands shake sometimes. I have to stop eating and drinking so the other person doesn’t see how nervous I am.

I remember eating lunch with the high school principal. We were the only ones in the room. I felt extremely shy. Sometimes eating feel personal.


My wife won’t go out to eat with me because she says I just stuff my face and no conversation. Eating is serious business

I know people who don’t allow talking at the dinner table.

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I have always had nervous anxiety at dinner tables with groups of people. Can’t handle it very well.

I have nervous manners comprehensively.

When I get nervous I shake if I think someone is watching me eat or drink

I eat as fast as possible without even chewing properly. I rarely take the time to chew my food correctly. If you chew your food right it will get digested very faster. And important you need to put more saliva into the food while chewing. Both things, saliva and chewing for much longer time makes the food digest faster.

Yes! I rarely eat very much, especially at dinner parties and in front of others.

It’s not weird I have the same fear.

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I had better table manners in the past. When I was young I ate at a country club with my dad. I had grilled salmon with vegetables and ate with fork and knife pretty well.

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