Did you ever had hallucination of smell or taste?

I think I had hallucination of taste(gustatory hallucination)

Yes. I have had a lot of smell and taste hallucinations. It doesn’t help that I have a sensitive nose or that I get a metal/blood taste in my mouth from an autoimmune disease.

The worst is when food tastes rotten. I always end up losing a lot of weight during this hallucination period. Which itself isn’t bad because I need to lose weight.

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I always remember atmospheres from several years at a time

When unmedicated, I tasted metal, I smelled gasoline, bread, bad odours like rotten things, sh!t, urine, etc All weren’t there. My brother told me wtf are you crazy there is no smell. Odors are from past memories that schizophrenia mixes with reality randomly. I felt ashamed of saying the urine, etc odors so I never told anybody about it.

All disappeared with proper medication but I still have visual hallucinations especially at night. I see my family members when they’re not there, sometimes I inspect what I see and its sometimes an object like a black ladder.

I hallunucanted a metallic water once. Whilst psychotic.

It might actually have been metallic thou.

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