Did the forum go down for anyone other than me?

It was brief, no big deal, but I just wonder if anyone else experienced problems just now.

Yup, for me too. :scream:

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Yup. Me too. Just for about 10 seconds.

I must’ve blinked or something cuz I totally missed it.

All good here :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Yeah, it didn’t last long. I just went to fb and checked my feed, then came back and it was working again.

Nope missed it.
First YouTube then sz. Com

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Ok the board definitely went down for fifteen to twenty minutes earlier for me…


It went down this time for me too


Had a mini heart attack but it only lasted a few minutes :open_mouth::drooling_face:

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YouTube had a worldwide crash a few hours ago (mine is back). Maybe it was due to that?