Did something stupid

I used the wifi for the apartment building the last two days without a vpn. Anybody can download a web crawler and check out what i said. ■■■■. I said rude ■■■■ about the apartment smelling like meth. The manager was just outside talking to the neighbour and i think they called me rude too. I thought i was being polite as per usual but maybe my flat affect bothered them? Or maybe i come across totally different to how i think i do. ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■.

If they’re consumed by meth, they probably won’t care much for the internet. I wouldn’t worry yourself.

For all i know it was hallucination. Ive definitely hallucinated the smell of crack before, few times. It doesnt smell like that now. Couldve been me, couldve been just one person. I just dont want them to hate me on day 2. I guess they probably wouldn’t. Not everyone knows about web crawlers but still, it will bug me for a while. Hopefully its all good.

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