Did I get lucky with my remission?

I was under the impression that sz is chronic and you will always have symptoms … And even if you are on meds it’s inevitable that a relapse will happen. Yet I went 10 years without psychotic symptoms.

Maybe it was because I never went off meds though , and when I finally did after 10 years I had a relapse.

I have waves of depressive episodes now and then but I don’t think it’s clinical depression.


I think that’s why you were stable for so long

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I’ve started to think that maybe I don’t need meds anymore. However, I stopped for 10 days and started not to feel very well. I only take .5mg of Haldol.

How bad was your relapse?

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I was fine right up until they decided to put me on an antidepressant. It was so bad I ended up in hospital. I don’t advise coming of meds but if you do , do it under the supervision of a dr.

Sorry to hear that. It’s disappointing to feel you might be over this nasty illness only to find out you’re not.

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It’s not so bad with the meds , so I’m very thankful.

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Thats amazing x

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Sounds like the meds are doing their job. I love eharing health success stories like yours cause you seem to have avoided a great deal of pain which hives me hope cor staying medicated

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