Did I do something really stupid?

Yesterday a woman called soliciting donations for and organization called Doctors Without Borders. I made a donation, but now I think she might have been fraudulent. There was no acknowledgement of my donation in my email. Now comes the really stupid part - when I was making the donation I gave her the number of my American Express debit card over the phone. Did I mess up really bad? Can she use my debit card now to make purchases for herself? Is there a way I can fix this problem? I don’t have that much money on my card right now, but I might have a couple hundred or so dollars on it in the future. I feel really embarrassed about this.

I would cancel the card immediatly, go to the bank, close that account and open a new one.


It’s a debit card, not a credit card. I just have $28.80 on it right now. I never have much more than $200.00 on it. But you’re probably right. I don’t even want to lose $29.00. American Express has put the transaction on hold, so I think it’s being checked out. I wonder if they’ll let me just change the number on the card I have.

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Dude you’re ■■■■■■, no not really but there is a possibilty. I would research my ass off on what to do in this situation, but i would never give out my numbers in the first place. People make a living off scamming peopele.

I should have know better. I think maybe I can fix this without too great a problem.

just call your bank and ask them to put an account hold on the card to verify use with you personally before it is allowed and ask them to send you another card. Don’t give out cc info over phone ever.

You want to limit any information for random callers in general.

The more info these fraudulent scammers have on you, the higher you will be on the target list for all kinds of money schemes.

A guy I met from rehab pulled the ultimate donation scam by pretending the funds would go to victims of hurricane katrina.

Guess where that money went to… Beer.

This was not with credit cards though but a tip jar. Still very bad taste

Its good that they got your debit instead of credit but in a way its not good to give someone you dont know any info… ■■■■ them.

It’s pretty low to scam people in that way. It takes away needed help for people who are suffering. He, in effect, stole from the victims of Katrina.

Ya… That was pretty ■■■■■■ up story he had but he made the rest of us addicts laugh about how bad his addiction was before he came to rehab.

He made a cardboard box, cut a slit in it, put it over a old bathtub out in the country and a sign over it reading" Hurricane Katrina relief fund".

I guess if he was feeding an addiction I can have a little sympathy for him. Addiction is a mother f*cker.

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They make you feel guilty by saying “oh would you like to donate to breast cancer research”

I just hang up, then I feel guilty, then my rational mind tells me I was smart in not getting scammed.

Usually they call when I’m in a bad mood so it’s easier to hang up.

the biggest scam I always get is people calling me they received notice my computer was having issues …blah blah blah… I talk to them about 10mins or so asking “how they are going to give me a free computer when I don’t have one and really need it. I am so glad I won but I don’t remember entering a drawing.” They quickly hang up.

Cancel your debit and credit cards, then renew them under different numbers. It shouldn’t take very long to do.

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I agree with @Patrick. Just cancel the card and ask them to send you a new one with a new number. You’ve already notified them, so I wouldn’t worry about it at this point.

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i had problems with my computer and the scam was they tried to charge me over 300 dollars to fix my issues.

I had a lady do that to me at the store infront of everyone even though i dont have the money to spend. She asked are sure you dont want to donate for breast cancer, just one dollar. I siad no already and shes asking me out loud. What should I say after I say no twice. “Sure ok, only if there is a picture of the titties im saving.”

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Lol a homeless man once asked me for money and I said I didn’t have any and he started giving me lip, so I snapped at him. Then he gave up.

Ya it’s not right to ask for money and then be an asshat because they dont give you money, when they ask me and I siad no, if they would get all violent i would stand my ground and say alright you wanna go man, ill shove some pennies up your ass for free, Lol. On the other hand ive walked in the same shoes as them though.

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