Did anyone struggles to urinate during the onset of paranoid SZ?

I remember I did get really shy bladder when I first was becoming psychotic and really paranoid. I had to be completely alone to somehow pass the urinate or suffocate myself until I was trembling to do it. Anyone else?

It happens in all anxiety issues particularly social anxiety. The reason is over thinking, too much emotional thinking etc. If you can get rid of negative thoughts or avoid such thoughts then no such problem.

My urination problem got solved after my relapse somehow. I do struggle sometimes pass urinate but I don’t need to suffocate myself

Negative thoughts is the reason. In paranoid state negative thoughts is at the peak that’s why.

have u been put on meds before that or it happens when u first onset and still unmedicated?

I was sh!tting myself nearly daily at the beginning and when I was on Abilify for 9 years. I dirtied myself once at work and I called my brother he brought me new boxers. It was a mess.

Now it happens rarely on Latuda 80mg.

Yes I had severe bladder problems.
Needed to wee all the time and belly cramping and hurting and no wee usually but always running to toilet.

I thought someone was doing black magic on me and stabbing a voodoo doll by bladder.

I’m bladder shy, it started somewhere after gradeschool. I would hold it in all day at school until I could get home.
I need my privacy. I don’t like public restrooms because of all the people. I always go to a stall to pee and have privacy.
I’m not sure if my meds are partly to blame.

No but my invega gives me the worst shits

I actually peed more but when I used to be normal I couldn’t pee when some one was watching

I got horrible anxiety about peeing around people. I had an incident where someone wanted me to take a drug test and it took me literally four hours to pee a half inch in a cup. Eventually I’ve gotten over that anxiety and anytime I have to drug test I just make sure to mentally prepare myself and not pee for like five hours before hand

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