Can't Pee for Drug Test - Any Ideas?

If I get probation next week I’ll have to do drug tests periodically. But I can’t pee in front of people. I’ve never been able to do it, since I was a kid. Has anyone had this problem? Any idea how I can make myself go in front of someone?!?!?!?! HELP!!!

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They make you go while someone watches? Damn, I’d probably have a hard time doing that, too. Maybe drink a lot of water leading up to it, so you have to go really badly. If you have to go badly enough maybe it won’t matter what the situation is.


They give privacy around here.


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practice makes perfect.

just kidding.
pretty much do what freakonaleash said

I have the same problem. It is a social phobia. Most doctors would understand if you explain to them your situation. I am sure they will allow you some privacy if they know the extend of your condition.

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If the room has a sink it may help if the water is running.

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what are u getting probation for? im just curious if u dont want to say thats cool :slight_smile:

Where are you that they have to physically watch you pee?!?

With legally mandated drug tests they have to make sure it’s really your pee and not someone elses pee in a bag with a tube. People try to buy clean pee. That’s why they watch.

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No one will actually eyeball your junk while you fill the container, they will allow you to keep a little bit of dignity, you’re only on probation, not parole.

I have that problem too. A pretty fair number of guys do. When I had to piss in a cup in the army I could do it if I just had a little urine in my bladder - if I didn’t need to piss, then I could piss enough to fill the cup. I don’t know if that would work for me now, or if it will work for you, but maybe you could try it.

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I’m sure whoever does the test runs into people with your problem all the time. Talk to them ahead of time for advice.

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Used to have a problem doing that. For some people it helps if you sit down while you do it. Me I just tell myself I will wait as long as I need to in order to do it. It helps if you had something like basic training where you were naked in front of people so that doesn’t bother you.

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Drink sprite or tea…Can turn on water to run for a minute. That makes the water start for most.

i had to pee in front of my psychiatrist because he wanted to see if there were any drugs still in my system to see if that is why i hear voices but i just whipped it out and tried to pee as quick as i could, the test came back clean but it was awkward i hope i never have to do it again when i went to the regular doctor and had to pee in a cup they told me to go in the bathroom by myself didnt have anyone watching me, }
i would say just go quickly it’ll all be over in seconds

If you are having a hard time peeing, lean over and turn on the faucet. The sound of the running water will usually get the pipes going when you relax.


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don’t worry. it’s only 3 years.
that’ll blow by quickly.

I have that problem a bit also . I’d try not to make eye contact with anyone just breath and try to relax helps some.