Did anyone else get really dramatic in a delusion?

I’m sorry I don’t usually talk about my symptoms.

But I would straight talk and be dramatic to people about my beliefs of their hate for me. I just about ruined my close relationships but my best friends Mike and Lea were the only ones who understood because we grew up in the same apt complex when we were kids and they knew I wasn’t the same and they accepted me


I don’t quite understand what you mean about the dramatic delusion thing, sorry, but I’m glad that two of your friends still accept you. Would be nice if there were more, but at least now you know who your true friends are.


I’m trying explain it clear as possible sorry :blush:

Okay just @ me when you’re done and I’ll reply :heart:

Have you ever had a dramatic delusion?

Yes a few 15151

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Yeah me too. Ive been dramatic on here with them too. Hate that about myself. Im probably as symptomatic as those times, but im not dramatic about it anymore. Dont even talk about it with anyone irl anymore.

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