Did any moms on here have post partum depression?

The second day after delivery I was bawling uncontrollably,

and I think something was said to my family.

Steve Kale came in with his 2 year old daughter Alissa,
and I was a mess, felt so bad.

it went away though, from shear joy.

I had terrible postpartum depression with all four kids. My pdoc says most mothers do who have sz/sza.

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I didn’t need meds yet, did you?

I wasn’t diagnosed yet or seeing a pdoc. My family dr put me on antidepressants and that was pretty awful.

I wouldn’t even take pain after my c section while I was breast feeding.

Nobody ever said anything to me about medication,
it was all foreign to me.

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pain pills 1616161616

you got a big family. I always wanted more kids,

but I’ve never gotten out of poverty and didn’t think we should.

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I had it with 4 of the 6. Third time was the worst.

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My mom had postpartum depression. I spent the first few months of my life living with one of her friends. I’m so glad they were there for us while she got help.


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