Diagnostic criteria for sz?

Can you be diagnosed as sz without hallucinations? I was asked about hallucinations and super powers a bunch recently and then there was discussion of hospitalization, which I don’t feel I need. I’m already schizotypal.

Hallucinations are just one manifestation of psychosis. Delusions are also considered a form of psychosis, though they tend to rely on whether or not the delusional content is outside of the realm of normality according to things like religion and culture.

You can be schizophrenic without hallucinations by this metric, although it’s more common for schizophrenics to have hallucinations also.

Its possible as I was given a dx without any hallucinations

do they make you take meds for delusions even if you don’t have hallucinations?

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I don’t know about “make you” unless you’re put on a CTO.

You can be prescribed medication with just delusions. I never had major hallucinations. Just heard noises like car doors, walking, and other normal stuff that really wear not there. Some mumbling I thought was my family.

I mainly have delusions and negative symptoms.

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I was not made to take them but I chose to take them… it helped get rid of delusions

I got akathisia once, so anti-psychotics scare me to death. It sounds like I’m about to get diagnosed as sz.

If you do, it isn’t the end of the world. A lot of people here have jobs, relationships, and live life fully.

APs just help you do that.

Oh and not all APs are the same. I had a lot of side effects with Invega, but Aristada, similar to Abilify, gave me a break from them.

I’m almost certain the pdoc is going to drop the hammer on me pretty soon. Does it take more than one or two sessions of delusional behavior to get diagnosed with sz or does it have to be a certain length of time?

Terms such as ‘manic’ and ‘delusional’ and ‘hospital’ were used, so I’m really scared right now.

Did they yank your driver’s license or can you still drive?

My psychosis was changed to sz after I stopped meds and went psychotic again. So really there is no difference between psychosis and sz. If I continued taking my meds my diagnosis would have stayed psychosis forever.

I still drive. That depends on if you are so psychotic that it impedes judgment.

I can’t speak for your situation. I believe that it’s at least 6 months of delusions and psychotic behavior, but I’m not positive.

From your article:

“Inappropriate affect (laughing in the absence of a stimulus)”
“the lifetime prevalence of schizophrenia is approximately 0.3%-0.7%”

I have that so much. We’re so unlucky to be in that 0.3-0.7%. And out of those some work or live independently so I am even more unlucky than working szics and those who are able to live independently. I am in the 0.05% who can’t live independently or work :open_mouth:

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I was on risperdal and had some serious side effects (although I do like my A cup boobs since I am trans).

Do they test you to see if you are taking them? If they tell me I have to go back to APs, I think I am just going to ask for a shot and be done.

I’m dreading my next appointment. I just know I’m going to get led to a room, told to drop my pants and have a sore rear for a few weeks.

That sucks @Aziz. I can’t handle working, and I’m not sure about living on my own. I’d give it a try though if I had to.

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