Diagnosing people is stupid

Why I’d like to be not diagnosed? Propably because it adds a label that closes my identity to be something I don’t like.


U dont need a label.

I dont have a label.

I just take meds and pretend im normal

What ever they tell me I am i wont believe anywyas

90% of people are diagnosed as stupid. And the only cure is death.

I can understand that. The diagnosis is useful to me in that it means I get the meds and treatment I need, and also means I get disability payments which are a godsend because I am not able to work. But it also means to some people I am Turquoise the schizophrenic, and it’s not a nice label to have. I try not to let myself be defined by the label though, I am still me, just me with an illness. I try to think of it as separate from me rather than part of my identity.


The diagnosis just means that I know what my problems are – not everyone is lucky enough to.


You have to have your diagnosis, to know your diagnosis. It’s a form of identity in the sea of MI.

Says who…

In the sea of meds 1 covers 100.

It’s just a label of a MI that are all extremely closely related. What I’m saying is I don’t need to dwell on whatvlabel it is. I know I’m sick doc. Fix me


Call it want you like it’s a serious brain disorder.

I like schizophrenic and I often tell people that is what I am.

Sure knowledge is so low in the real world but it hits you like a brick.

I too like the diagnosis…it’s schizophrenia…we move from there and it helps define things.

It strikes me as amazing that so many of us suffer the same delusions…you can just pick it…your schizophrenic.

I hate nationalism and all it brings but I’m proud to be schizophrenic and I’ve suffered enough!

Time to move on .

A friend in the struggle,


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You secretly not a psychiatrist Rognation.

You seem to always have such beautiful advice.


Appreciate it!

I’m just an average punter who has come unstuck by some serious brain chemistry!

You fight the good fight but you often never win…in the meantime Thanks matey!

It’s all good,

If the evidence points in one direction why deny it? Accepting the dx is one step in getting better. You must learn all you can about your dx, you must be ravenous for knowledge. That way psychiatrists and other people can’t ■■■■ you up. Your fate isn’t up to chance when you understand the nature of the obstacle. Its when you allow yourself to become ignorant that things begin to go wrong.

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My diagnosis has allowed me to find ways to cope and has led to a better outcome. Pre-diagnosis I was extremely gullible to anything that came into my head. Not so much now.

I know im sick. i know i need meds or i go crazy and still do. that is what i know

I know i rapic cycle. I know i hear voices, I know i hallucinate messed up visions. im sure ive also got another 10 dumb MI that im not proud of but.

Learn about it so it becomes my hobby? thats not me

The furthar i can get away from hallucinations the better. I know what triggers them. Not what the label says triggers them.

My doc tells me why its happening tells me how many pills to take and monitors me. I believe thats fine.

If it is in your best interest to learn and study it to become it then that is also fine

I will get better if i can somehow forget about it. It can be done it has to be able to be done.

Im not going to give them attention its what they want.

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I think that diagnosing is very important for low functioning people in particular.
This way they can understand what’s wrong with them and get disability benefits.

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What’s your diagnosis erez ? If you don’t mind me asking.
I’m agree with your answer.


If for disability benefits. you will, im sure have to know

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