Diagnosed and working?

Are you guys working with the diagnosis and meds and if so may I ask what kind of work are you guys doing?


Yes, I work full time as a software developer. The same job I was doing pre-illness, basically. But every day is a struggle. I’ve lost a gear or two. I need coffee to stay alert.
I take abilify 15mg and sometimes an antidepressant when my mood gets too low.


Been at my janitor job seven years. In the past I was a park ranger, unloaded trucks, worked in restaurants, and a few other things.


I struggle with energy levels to. Not educated for skilled labor so my options for work seem limited to industrial or manufacturing and I cannot really function in those environments on medication. Maybe I should try to find a way to afford classes online to find a job I am capable of outside of those environments.

I work full time doing customer support for an antivirus company.
It’s challenging at times, but not too hard, and it’s stimulating enough that I don’t get too bored.

Most of the cases are quite easy, like customers wanting refunds or information on how to install or reinstall their product.
Most of the errors they’re having with their product can be solved by a simple reinstall, and all they have to do is download a tool that does it for them.


I was working part-time at a yoga studio, until Corona put that on hold.

It’s a nice job-- I greet guests, sign them up for classes and workshops, clean the studios and perform some admin type stuff.

Very low-stress environment, free tea, and unlimited yoga classes to boot :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m diagnosed psychosis and take abilify. Thinking of going back to working this autumn. Don’t wanna say what thou I like to be private about that :upside_down_face:

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I work in sales. I don’t have a quota and I’m 1099 so I can slow down on days that I need to. I’m on Vraylar right now and changing up anxiety meds so we’ll see where that lands.

Most days are good. Some days I struggle to put sentences together. I either lose my train of thought or have trouble recalling the word I need for something. But the Vraylar has made that a LOT better.

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That’s the way it is with me, too. I’d be happy to dig ditches if it wasn’t for the med’s.

I work at a warehouse that ships alcoholic beverages in bulk. I am taking Abilify also known as Aripriprazol.

Interesting, I haven’t heard of this one I will have to read into. I have anxiety around people and the diminished intellectual capacity causes me to be depressed. Thank you.

I work as a commercial insurance broker. I do account retention and compliance, we have others on the team who are heavy on the sales side. I’m the person churning away through the paperwork in the background checking all the coverages to make sure nothing was missed and who is getting stuff out to clients on time when they need support.


Are there educational requirements for a position like that?

It’s very new and I’m still working out how I’ll pay for it. So that and a couple other reasons may make me have to switch but I’m hoping not.

Maybe write to the company itself and look for options of coverage as a study source for them?

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Heya! I have paranoid schizophrenia (taking blonanserin) and working as a translator and English-language editor.


Might I ask what languages you know and are translating?

I speak English (obviously) and Korean. I’m just mainly editing English sentences right now.


Right now I’m working part-time on a cricket farm as an assistant. I work Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, which is perfect for me to get used to working again. A part of me thinks I could work full-time, but I don’t know for sure and it’s not necessary for now, so even though I could probably switch to full time pretty easily I’m not motivated to do so.

The only reason I decided to go back to work is because my old psychiatrist seemed pretty convinced that I would be capable of working, so I started thinking I can’t count on just relying on disability money for the rest of my life. What I’m doing now is a compromise, since I was told it may be determined that my schizophrenia makes it that I can only work part-time, so I could keep OSDP while working 3 days per week. This arrangement also basically doubles the amount of money I get per month, so I could move out and get a bachelor apartment at market rent, and be able to afford all the basics (other than a car, but I don’t care), and not have to wait for years to get a subsidized apartment. I think I won’t know my ODSP situation until next year though, so for now I’ll just keep saving money.


The amount of people who work here shows that my psychiatry textbook is correct. The textbook states that after 25 years of schizophrenia onset, 73% of schizohprenics are able to work. It is a myth on the internet and amongst general population that most schizophrenics are not able to work.