Destiny or coincidences

Sometimes I find funny coincidences, others strange, but life feels like a circle and sometimes it seems like nothing happens by chance. Is this thought typical of a schizophrenic? Or is there a destiny?

When I was Psychotic I saw connections everywhere. I think it’s at least partially schizophrenia. Making false connections out of coincidences.


Sadly, Odd things usually happen when I’m in bad shape, then I’m stuck thinking about it all day,

Things just happen, I don’t think there is any special reason

I guess my great destiny is psychosis. lol I have these grandiose ideas about my destiny and being a celebrity. But going by the response on this website, I am way off. I am not considered popular or pretty here. Boo hoo. No seriously my interactions on this website are a great reality check.

I just clicked on your profile. Your last photo got 32 likes and a few comments! And you are popular here !

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Thank you @everhopeful and I aspire to be a cool poet like you!

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There is a theory in philosophy called determinism. The idea is something like this: all the chemicals and materials in our brains and bodies and everything in the whole universe all follow the laws of nature. If science understood everything about those laws it would all be predictable. Because it’s mechanistic. Like the way physics could predict the path of the planets.

Most still say we still have free will.

The older I’ve got the more ridiculous I think destiny is as a concept. Its really just a way of accepting what happens to you as predetermined and not in your control. Simialrly I try not to pay much attention to coincidences. They only seem strange because of the perceived similarities between the two subjects. I think maybe its a way to comfort yourself and tell yourself that you have some kind of understanding/foresight of the situation.

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