Desperate for help

Hi Guys, first post on this forum and need some serious help. I am a male and live with my girlfriend. She has some medical issues but her schizophrenia is pushing us apart and she is the love of my life. My girl is very sweet and loving and things are really quite perfect until she has an episode. She turns on me and her words hurt like daggers but what is stressing me out more than I think I really understand is that she says she wants to leave me and is highly adversarial during each episode.
I know the stress is slowly wearing me out and I need some help. Her episodes are about one or two per week usually in the evenings but always in the morning after, she is extra loving and caring like she knows she is pushing me away. I have yet to speak to her in those morning times because the dread of those events is so horrible that I have fears that could trigger another event.
I love this woman so very much I can never let go but know nothing about this horrible disease…
Any help dearly appreciated.

Don’t blame every opinion on sz

It could be feminism


Pissed over the years from treatment

But no please take a break

But not a break up

@Jake777 do you have schizophrenia or a schizo-related illness?

I think there is a special forum for people who don’t have a mental illness, but who need help with those who do have mental illnesses.

I’ve heard that in al anon they recommend “detachment with love”. If you want to keep your girlfriend I recommend getting some emotional distance from her during her episodes. You might look into support groups run by the government for her condition.


Thanks for that… I thought that may be better rather than sitting there
taking all that punishment which is not healthy for both of us

Hi, no my lady does & I live with her…


you have an envelope on your comments

what’s that means?

Hey @Jake777 , you’ll get better responses at

That’s the forum for family members etc.

This forum you’re currently on is really for people who are diagnosed with schizophrenia.

I hope things work out for you.

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Hi, not sure what an envelope would mean here… on my phone right now but
will get on my laptop soon & get back to you… thanks to all who have
responded so far… really struggling here & this forum is helping…

The envelope means: “this post arrived via email”.

Ohh thanks

How do ya do that?

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Just move the mouse pointer over the envelope…

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SirBoring, that is a very good idea I had not thought of. Thank you so
very much for your response… M

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I do that to my husband. My heart goes out to you and to her.
If you can stay, stay. But you need to be honest and let her know how hurtful and difficult it is for you. And then let her know you’re staying and you won’t leave her. That it’s your choice to stay. She needs to be responsible for what she does to you, but she also needs to know you’ll be there to help her.
I love my husband, and the guilt I feel for involving him in my pain is heavy. I push him away in an attempt to save him from me. But, when he tells me he loves me and chooses to stay, that helps ease my paranoia, and my guilt.
Therapy might be a good idea?

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In my most honest opinion, you also need an expert councillor who is professional and deals with relationship issues. There could be a lot of things that are messed up with you and you alone.

Sometimes being clingy and overprotective is a curse for relationship, I might sound like I’m judging you or what not. But hey evaluate all the options, she might need just a little more room so she can breath, just because you love her unconditionally, it’s a good factor, but it doesn’t defines successful relationship. You take care yourself, I hope she gets all the professional help she needs.

Thank you so very much… Warm Regards

I’m doing it and nothing’s happening :confounded:

just kidding… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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