Derealize the unreal

Just a phrase I’ve been entertaining a lot.

Pull it back into your skulls. Sz hallucinations come from the inside. Allowing yourself to think otherwise is what gives them power.

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It’s funny how things work out, I was far more the skeptic as a child than my older brother when he told me things such as he’d seen an “older girl with read hair” peak out from behind trees at him in the neighbor’s apple orchard. He went on to become the scientist who would never give a seconds thought as to the reality of such things. As I matured I became far more open to possible reality of such things.

I don’t even have a base to sit a logical concept of reality on anymore having had it ripped from beneath me as I now remember too many times. I try to stay quiet and am really confined to my home, but I am of character the type of person to put myself before a moving train if it represented hypocracy and absolute disregard for human rights and made a mockery and lie of however an illusion and constant battle the concept of freedom was in a world I now know is long gone.

However, if that train not be in my path, I would almost rather hold my head town and let it trample all I thought I knew and believed in.

Was this just to contrast what you knew and find your own road?

I consider myself a scientist as a follower of scientism.

Hallucinations are the aspects of the waking dream. Half what you hope for, half what you fear, mostly what you subconsciously expect.

Science might have helped your brother unravel the unreality of seeing a witchly redhead in the trees. Sounds like a dream to me. Or some semi-perverted broad was out messing with the local children.

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I nearly can’t stand the archetypical believer in this sort of, to use you’re word, scientism, I’ve known a good many, and all seem to make a mockery of good science. To most of them if it can’t be proven it is therefor untrue, unreal, does not exist. This is not science, if it cannot be proven it therefor is merely unproven. Nothing has ever been discovered by such closed minded thinkers as lay believers in modern “science” as a belief system, most I’ve known anyway, I’m def willing to make exceptions, I love exceptions.

I would not be a scientist if I didn’t have an open mind and I couldn’t accept being proven wrong.

I see no role or manifestations for the spiritual side of things. I do know the power of dreams and I’ve had many first hand experiences with hallucinations.

We all have our biases. Science isn’t done. It’s never done.

I just disregard the impact of what hasn’t measured and documented. Predictable physics since the big bang and natural psychology of survivalistic beings as chaotic as it is that’s what I see when I look at the world.

Look up “control theory” the sociologists won’t stop. It’s blatant now. All the same.

It is not disregard we seek but practical explanation.

For all we know your brother was just tellig a tale.

I’ve had many veins of thought that would have wished the environment to manifest some goddess woman. Never happened to me, but I could see how imagination or false memories of an immediate experience or all the other logical caveats that scientists/psychiatrists/psychologists might use to explain the phenomenon.

We really don’t know anyway.

You know, I absolutely loved my first sociology class, was right up my ally, as music art and the study of society/history were always where my interests lay.

But, this control theory I find absolutely horrifying and it’s the way things are going more and more…not a world I would want to live in although it already has been for some time. It mentions criminology, I dated a psychology student with an interest in criminal justice who told me one day as we were smoking cigarettes out in a gazebo that she didn’t understand why they couldn’t just determine whether a person was going to commit a crime before they actually did and just put these people in prison…holy cr*p batman…she was so mad at me as being from Texas she both believed in the freedom I told her she was against as well as a strong lynchmob…I mean justice system. I mean, common, it’s Texas.