Depression or not

I do not know if this is depression or not. I just am tired and want to retire for the night. It is very early and I just do not have the motivation to do anything.

Then jump in the sack and talk about it innyhe morning.
We’ll be right here.

I had to work extra hours this week. I just do not like sleeping all the time. Its like sleeping your life away.

Maybe I will feel better tomorrow. I have been diagnosed with a major depression and have tried to deal with it the last two years and I just cannot get out of it. I am about ready to get some help, except I just do not want to take another pill.

It’s worth it to take medicine to get unstuck from a major depressive episode in my opinion. But I believe it’s a chemical imbalance causing it so it stands to reason that you would need meds to fix it. Some people believe otherwise. I guess you have to decide what you think is causing your depression and if you think meds will help. If they will then take a lot of them and get rid of it once and for all.

I already take Medicine for Schizophrenia. I am trying to think it is not a chemical imbalance except from what has happened in my lifetime. Just my life has not turned out the way I wanted and has caused me to have depression. I am married and working. I just want to go places and do things and I have neither the capability or the money to do that. I hope this depression is not a chemical imbalance. I was never depressed until I came down with diabetes. As I get older I am getting more depressed. I cannot shake it. I think Wednesday I am calling my doctor and either get some medicine for this or get to talking to a therapist. I have seen a therapist most of my life since I was 17 and ended the sessions about 3 years ago as I ran out of things to talk about. I am trying to think thru this depression and see if I can come out of it, except it is difficult.

I have severe negative symptoms, I stay in bed all day everyday, only get up to eat. In bed either sleeping or on this forum. I hope that gives an idea about what are negative symptoms. I think you’re more likely to have depression than negative symptoms. Ask your psychiatrist about your symptoms and if an antidepressant will help. Antidepressants made me worse.

I can’t even live on my own, I never lived on my own and I am 30 y.o., I don’t think I will ever live on my own.